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Classifieds: Corsair K63 Wireless Mechanical gaming Keyboard and high-speed USB3.0 Hub, $115

I have the following products available in a combined offer:

  1. Corsair K63 wireless mechanical keyboard: This has been in my
    possession for two years, give or take, and is still in pretty
    impressive condition. A few of the keys may pop off while transporting
    the thing in a bag, but if you are mostly stationary the keys work
    perfectly. Even so, due to this being a mechanical keyboard from a
    trusted brand you have extra longevity in the fact that replacement
    keys are available, and they are incredibly easy to pop back on. Note that Corsair does not sell this particular keyboard with a key puller,, but one can easily remove and re-insert keys if needed.
    This has cherry mx red switches, which are fantastic for gaming, and
    are incredible for typing if, say, you do text transcription. The most
    non-technical way to describe it is as if you were typing on firm air.
    Being fully linear, the switches are silent (not counting backplate
    noise). The only thing this is missing is the dongle, though a
    replacement dongle can be obtained from the Corsair website. It
    however can still be used as a USB or Bluetooth keyboard without the
    dongle (press the keyboard's function key, two to the right of the
    space bar, plus f10 to switch to Bluetooth mode). The thing holds a
    good charge, especially if you don't intend on using the backlight. It
    will come with a long usb cord plus an extension adapter for use with
    a second micro usb cord for extra length.
  2. 6 port USB3.0 high-speed powered hub:
    This hub is in good condition, though sometimes devices will blink in
    and out if you move the hub out of place. Again, if you are stationary
    this is not a big issue, and it isn't apt to cause, say, memory issues
    for hard drives or anything of the sort. This will come with a rubber
    stand to position the hub onto.
    I am selling the package (keyboard plus USB hub) for $115. The price
    of that includes shipping.

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