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Buy a Cane-Empower a Blind Person Somewhere Around the World
Did you know we have over 150 standard colors? Did you know we have colors that change color depending on the light reflection? How about that we offer Cane Shield Protectant that protects your cane from chips, peeling, scratching, extending the life of your cane by years. Besides these hundreds of standard options, if you want to go a step further we have:
-Over 100 patterns, designs, and themes
We are not even talking about the hundreds of ctactile or personalized braille charms that attach to the chord of your cane!

-We can give you a design consultation to create your very own design! So choose your graphics. Choose your colors. Choose from stripes, logos, or other patterns.
-Add your name, initials, Bible verse, anniversary date, or the name of your favorite sports player!
The options are limitless.
Receive a quality cane -graphite folding, a slimline folding that is 50% lighter than a standard cane, folding, straight, or telescoping-
With a professional look!
James has worked with graphics and design since 1995! With over 26 years experience, your one of a kind cane will reflect your style and autonomy!
Also, don’t forget about our many accessories, including tactile charms, bluetooth speaker charms, bluetooth cane finder charms, and so much more!
Not sure if you want to make the investment in buying a new cane? Well, know that when you buy anything from Kustom Cane, all profits go directly to the 501(c)(3) nonprofit You Cane Give Initiative. YEs! When you buy a cane, you are helping to put a cane in the hands of someone like in Kenya, the Philippines, Puerto Rico, Nigeria, Mexico, India, who has never owned a cane! In 7 years, we have distributed over 7720 canes to over 17 countries-thanks to your support! Call us today at 901-483-1515 or email us at Our website is You Cane Give’s website is

Why be plain? Go Kustom Cane!

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