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Classifieds: Humanware Brailliant Bi 40x for $2500 obo

Today I have for sale a Humanware Brailliant Bi 40x. It is in perfect shape and has rarely been use. Asking $2500. I accept Paypal.
Here is some information from the Humanware site.
The faster, stronger, future–forward braille display uniquely powered by Bluetooth 5 wireless technology, this refreshable 40–cell braille display will double your pairing speed and quadruple your range, providing a more reliable and stable connection for an outstanding user experience.
How does this product change your life?
With the latest Bluetooth 5 wireless technology, Brailliant BI 40X offers you a reliable connection to multiple devices at once. Plus, the KeySoft Lite application suite is ready to give you a smarter, more intuitive user experience. You can customize the main menu, configure the thumb keys, select the braille table, and adjust the auto-scroll speed to suit your reading preferences and maximize your comfort.
HumanWare's signature thumb keys make reading effortless, while the KeySoft Lite editing application makes discreet note taking a pleasure. With 32GB of usable internal storage and the included onboard translation ensuring compatibility with various file types, managing data has never been easier. Once paired with your screen reader via Bluetooth or USB connections, emailing, saving, and transferring documents of various file types couldn't be easier.
Do you value connectivity and productivity above all else? The future–ready Brailliant BI 40X is designed for those who want to accomplish both in one single device.

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