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Classifieds: looking for BrailleNote Apex, BrailleNote Touch or TouchPlus or BrailleSense, $300

My BrailleNote TouchPlus just bit the bullet. It doesn't see the AC adapter when I plug it in and I DESPERATELY need a Working notetaker. I would ideally prefer one in the BrailleNote family of products as I am much more familiar with them, but for the right price, I would consider a BrailleSense. What I really need is a good, strong, working Braille display and a notetaker that recognizes the AC adapter when it is plugged in. I can make $100 monthly payments for a couple months, so if you would be willing to sell your Braille computer for less than $300 and it meets the criteria I have set out, that would be amazing. I might consider making one more $100 monthly payment for the right notetaker as it's very difficult to explain how I need a notetaker. I have PayPal and am very good at sending payments when I agree with someone that I will. I do what I say I will do when I agree to it, yet it's happened to me that I sent money to someone and he didn't send the product we agreed to, so I'm ideally requesting that you treat any agreement we make the same way as I will. Feel free to email me at if you have a notetaker that works that you're willing to sell. Thanks, and have a great day.

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Please email me at I'm also on Twitter @sfcatlover

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