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Classifieds: OrCam My Eye Pro: Read and Recognize Hands-Free, Best for Persons with Low Vision

This OrCam My Eye Pro includes glasses, a lanyard and camera that attach to the glasses, an extra battery pack for the camera, and attachments to put the camera on your own glasses. this OrCam can read full pages, read parts of pages that you point to, read restaurant menus even in low lighting, read street signs and signs on buildings that you pass, and can be controlled with a touch bar or with your voice. This unit has just been evaluated by an OrCam dealer in the United States and has been found to work correctly and to have the latest version of OrCam firmware. I will include a flash drive with downloads of OrCam instructional videos and links to the OrCamm support page and to the company that has checked out this unit. This company offers OrCam phone training at reasonable rates. Although totally blind persons use the OrCam effectively, it is most suited to persons with enough vision to see and point to printed areas on a page and to point the OrCam at signs or other material to be read or recognized. Make me a reasonable offer.

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Please email me with a reasonable price offer at If you would like to talk more about this OrCam, let me know in your email and I will email you my phone number.

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