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Classifieds: Unlocked Nokia N86 with Talks screenreader $200 or best offer

I'm selling an unlocked black Nokia N86 with Talks screen reader. This phone is used, but in perfect condition. Wall Charger, micro USB cable, 8GB micro SD card, and black leather belt-clip carrying case included. Headphones not included, because any wired headphones with 3.5mm plug or Bluetooth headset will work, and I don't think anyone wants my very used Nokia in-ear headphones except me. If you want an accessible phone without a touchscreen that can be used with any GSM carrier in the world this is a very good choice. The N86 has great call quality even when showing very low bars. It's shape makes it very comfortable to hold in your hand, and the number buttons are nicely defined making it easy to dial, write text messages, control the phone, and navigate web pages with Talks one-handed. Set alarms and create calendar entries quickly and easily with your choice of built-in alarm tones or a song from your media library. Any mp3 or m4a file can be used as a custom ringtone for all or individual contacts.
Other features include, free accessible GPS, E-mail, podcast player, media player, FM radio, notes, calculator, recorder. Reading of Word documents will require the purchase of Quick Office. The demo period has been used up.
The daisy player that comes with Talks allows you to read bookshare and other daisy books with eloquence speech. I've added a simple text file book reader with search and bookmark capability. A DRM-free audio book player is installed.

The phone has Wi-Fi connectivity, including ability to make the phone a wireless hotspot in order to share your cellular data with other devices using the installed joikuspot app. FM transmitter will allow you to hear music, though not Talks speech from your phone on any radio.
USB mass storage mode makes it very easy to load any data simply by attaching the N86 to your computer, or even some notetakers if plugged in. Another mode allows Contact and calendar entries to sync with MS Outlook.

The N86 makes a great camera. I never took a good picture before owning it. Something about the way I could hold the small phone, the convenience of the shutter button, its autofocus, made it possible for me, a totally blind person, to often take pictures of things I could hear, or wide panoramic shots of scenery. Best of all, after taking a picture I could use the menu option to give it a name, so I could later independently find the correct image file to show to sighted friends and family members. The camera is also great for OCR, but that requires the purchase of expensive OCR software that does not come with the phone. I have not used a KNFB reader demo on this phone, so that possibility is still available.

I'll ship within the U.S. free and anywhere else if buyer pays shipping. I'd prefer payment through paypal.

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Phone: (651) 459-0667 Twitter: @curiousEntity Skype: CuriousNetEntity E-mail: username svo at domain curiousnetentity dot com

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