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Audio Player #ACB15 Audio: New Home and New Features for The Ace Plus

Justin Fagel joins Shelly to show off the new Ace Plus OCR device, now from Freedom Scientific, on the Dallas exhibit hall floor. Hear a detailed description of the device, as well as the speed at which it scans, in this product that sports both features for low vision and braille display support. The device was previously branded by ABiSee and its home is now at Freedom Scientific. Find out more about this and other devices for blind and low vision by visiting the Freedom Scientific website.

HIMS Inc., where your needs are our solutions, has generously sponsored our coverage of ACB15. Learn about the E-bot magnifier, the Blaze line of DAISY players and the Smart Beetle Braille display by visiting the HIMS website. Want more audio like this? Check out our audio page for our weekly technology podcast and more.

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