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ACB Convention Registration Starting Now, NFB Ending May 31

Convention registration season is in full force with both ACB and NFB forms now available.

NVDA 2017.2 Release Candidate Brings Back Audio Ducking, Adds More Edge Support

The release candidate for the 2nd major update for NVDA of 2017 has been posted and includes a laundry list of changes.

Google Demonstrates Android O Accesibility Features Including Accessibility Volume, Language Switching

Google's IO conference, the place where developers go to learn about what's coming up next in Android, has spilled the beans on some forthcoming TalkBack improvements in Android O.

Amazon Prime Video May Be Coming to an Apple TV Near You

Free Amazon Prime Video access is one of the best perks of being an Amazon Prime member. With it, you can watch tons of movies and shows for free, including Amazon originals you can't watch anywhere else.

Buzzfeed reports that Apple is planning to announce Amazon Prime Video's arrival on the Apple TV during the company's annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) on June 5 and the app is expected to go live as soon as this summer.

Even though the Amazon fire TV is somewhat accessible, Apple has done a much better job and have more accessible apps. Will this one be accessible with Voiceover? We'll just have to wait and see.

Window-Eyes is No More, How We Got to This Point and What's Next

In a move that is unsurprising to most, VFO/Freedom Scientific, makers of the JAWS for Windows screen reader, has discontinued sales and support for former competitor Window-Eyes, previously made by GW Micro and then AI Squared. Current Window-Eyes users are entitled to a copy of JAWS 18 free of charge.

Keep In Touch with Alexa

Amazon has introduced a new, free feature for their Echo product with Alexa. Now you can call and message with your Echo device.

First, insure that you are running the latest version of the Amazon Alexa app for either iOS or Android. Next, complete the very accessible setup process, including importing your phone's contacts. Once everything is done, you can say things like, "Alexa, call Mom", or "Alexa, call Grace" to make a call. An example of sending a message would be, "Alexa, send a message to Chris". To answer a call, just say, "Alexa, answer the call". To check new messages, just ask, "Alexa, play my messages".

You can call or message any contact who also has the free Alexa App on their phone, an Echo, or an Echo Dot, and has enabled Alexa calling and messaging. Once you update the app, you can see which contacts have also enabled Alexa calling and messaging. Don't see your friends or family in the app? Just forward this post to help them get started. Need more information? Click the provided link to learn more!

Breaking: Humanware Posts Product Page for Brailliant 14 Portable Braille Display

Humanware has posted a product page for the Brailliant 14, a new portable braille display being shown at the SightCity event in Frankfort, Germany. The display can pair with up to 5 Bluetooth devices at once as well as via USB and can also be used to take simple notes.

This Year's NVDACon is Set for May 19-21; Features Dictation Bridge, Google, NVAccess Keynote

The dates and program for the next edition of NVDACon have been announced. The 3-day virtual event, featuring presentations, lightning talks, and discussion about the free NVDA screen reader, will be held May 19-21.


Amazon Warehouse Deals Closeout Sale

Amazon Warehouse Deals takes 50% off or more a selection of open-box, used, and closeout items during its Warehouse Deals Closeout Sale. Plus, Prime members bag free shipping. That's a solid savings on a huge variety of already discounted items. Save on apparel, accessories, toys, electronics, music, and just about every other category available. Deal ends June 12.

Mainstays Queen Metal Bed for $95.14

Walmart offers the Mainstays Queen Metal Bed in Black for $99. Order via pickup to cut the price to $95.14. That's the lowest price we could find by $31. It measures approximately 64" x 84" x 49.3" and supports up to 225 lbs.

Igloo MaxCold Gripper 16-Quart Lunch Box for $13.99 [Shipped via Prime]

Amazon offers the Igloo MaxCold Gripper 16-Quart Lunch Box in Black for $13.99 with free shipping for Prime members. That's the lowest price we could find by $3. It features a separate insulated tent-top compartment, front and back slip pockets, and leak-resistant, antimicrobial liner.

Conair Rechargeable Beard and Mustache Trimmer for $12.99 [Shipped via Prime]

Amazon offers the Conair Rechargeable Beard and Mustache Trimmer for $12.99 with free Prime shipping. That's the lowest price we could find. It features taper control, two jawline combs, and a 5-position adjustable comb.

Costway 54-Key Electronic Keyboard with Microphone for $19.98 [Shipped]

Tangkula via Amazon offers the Costway 54-Key Electronic Keyboard in Black for $19.98 with free shipping. That's the lowest price we could find by $5. It features an LED display, six demo songs, seven sound effects, 16-level volume control, music recording and playback, external speaker, microphone, and vibrato, sustain, and chord functions.

Refurbished Apple iPhone 5s 16GB Straight Talk Phone for $99 [Shipped]

Walmart offers the refurbished Apple iPhone 5s 16GB Prepaid Smartphone for Straight Talk in Space Gray or Silver for $99 with free shipping. That's $100 under the lowest price we could find for a new one.

Victorio Apple and Potato Peeler for $15.99 [Shipped]

Amazon offers Prime members the Victorio Apple and Potato Peeler for $15.99 with free shipping. That's $11 off and the lowest price we could find. It features an enamel-coated cast-iron body and suction cup base. It can peel, slice, and core apples and also peel potatoes.

Hand Crafted Wooden Shutbox Game for $29.95 [Shipped]

M_B_McCarty via eBay has the Hand Crafted Wooden Shutbox Game, with 9 Numbers, Dice Included for $29.95 with free shipping. This is the classic Shut The Box game, hand crafted by Roger Schaf of Louisville, Kentucky. Made of all natural wood with a felt playing area, this game will bring hours of fun to your entire family. See link for full description. A braille option is available, email seller for more information. Roger is a visually impaired woodworker and has sold his products at many conventions.


Blind Bargains Qast 101: I Don't Know About That

Dave Williams, host of the Braillecast podcast, joins J.J. and Joe to talk a whole lot about Braille Displays this week. We also talk about how Site City is unique when compared to similar shows in the U.S. and the big news from VFO. We have a tip and some Amazon related "Last Word" as well. So limber up your Braille reading fingers and dive into episode 101 of the blind bargains Qast.

Blind Bargains Qast 100: Show Me, Don't Tell Me

Dave Williams is back with us to provide some insight on the newly announced Humanware Braille Display in an interview from Sight City with Humanware's Greg Stilson. Joe takes some steps in the kitchen with his Google Home and J.J. brings along a unique link to share in this week's "Last Word". So quiet your smart assistants, it is episode 100 of the BBQ.

Blind Bargains Qast 99: Surface LapBookTop

You might think that May would be a slow month for news. Well, for the second year in a row, that doesn't seem to be true. We have new hardware news, merger talk and Microsoft held an Education event this past week. Toss in a tip, "Sound Off" and the "Last Word" in the mix for even more audio goodness. Who knew that 99 meant the number of minutes rather than an episode number!

Blind Bargains Qast 98: The Blind Film Critic... in Space!

Summer is almost here, and with it comes a bumper crop of new summer movies. We've got a real live film critic on hand, [Jay Forry, to give some suggestions about which cinematic extravaganzas are the best for beating the heat in a cool movie theater this season. We also have some tips on using your Google Home, plus "Sound Off" and the regular topics in the Last Word".

Blind Bargains Qast 97: Scurry Home Narrator

The Easter Bunny may have taken all his candy with him last weekend. However, he did leave behind some gems in all that fake grass that seems to never come out of the carpet no matter how many times you roll a vacuum over the blasted stuff. J.J. continues his typing lessons with David Pinto, Joe compares prices with his fave kitchen scanning device and we have Steven Clower on hand for a mac related tip. All of that plus the "Sound Off" and "Last Word" in one more episode that moves us ever closer to the triple digit mark.

Blind Bargains Qast 96: And You'll Start Typing, 96 Keys

Rest your fingers on that home row, and get ready for another Blind Bargains Qast with variety. David Pinto of YesAccessible joins J.J. for part 1 of a demo of TypeAbility, a typing tutor program for the PC. We also demo the NutriBullet blender, include a Windows 10 cleanup tip, and talk music and smartthings in our last word.

Blind Bargains Qast 95: No Really, This is a Normal Show

This week, we got a bit of something for everyone. John Taylor from Irie-AT demonstrates the new Index FanFold-D V5 braille embosser. Listener Aaron Spears demonstrates a Bluetooth bathroom scale, and we have just a bit of feedback from last week's podcast. All of that and a bit of technology and legos in last word for podcast 95.

Blind Bargains Qast 94: A Normal Show

J.J., Joe and Patrick are back in the studio to talk news post CSUN. And there tends to be a bit of a theme this go around as we talk about stories with numeric values. TalkBack 5.2, WCAG 2.1 and that brand new Apple File System in the iOS 10.3 update take center stage this week. We also have a tip and a quick look at "Sound Off". This episode is shorter than usual, however, you may find it memorable just the same.


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Working HandyTech BrailleStar 40 Braille Display, works with Latest NVDA for $150

For sale is a HandyTech BrailleStar 40 desktop braille display. This is an older serial model but I will include a USB to serial adapter so you can connect it to a modern computer. This 40-cell unit is a desktop unit and comes with a QWERTY keyboard, that is meant to set on the top of the unit behind the display. We tested this with the latest version of NVDA and it worked well. Handytech's driver is one of the better ones for this screen reader. It will also work with other screen readers for desktop computers. Ask us if you'd like to verify support for a specific screen reader. A great way to get a fully-functional braille display for a fraction of the cost of a current unit. Comes with unit, power supply, cables, keyboard, and case. $150 plus shipping and it's yours.

Brailliant BI 32-cell Braille Display for $1,200 with Free Shipping, Excellent Condition

For sale is an excellent condition HumanWare Brailliant BI 32-cell braille display. This display is the current generation from HumanWare and works with major screen readers and mobile devices via USB or Bluetooth. Comes with display, and USB cable which can be used for charging. $1,200 which includes free shipping anywhere in the U.S.

Optelec Compact 7HD w/ Carrying Case and AC Adaptor - Excellent Condition - $1000 OBO

Hello Everyone, I have an Optelec Compact 7 HD video magnifier for sale. It is in perfect working condition and has no cosmetic damage. Included is the carrying case and AC adaptor. I am asking $1000 for this awesome magnifier. Below is the official description from Optelec. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions. Thank you for looking. arge screen in a compact design The high contrast widescreen provides an increased field of view and the ability to see even more of the material compared to traditional portable magnifiers. You can rely on the ultra sharp High Definition and Auto-Focus camera with a patented LED lighting system for even, glare-free illumination to deliver the best available image quality. Reading newspapers, letters or viewing photos anywhere at home, in the office, at school or while traveling is easier than ever! Specifications ◾Continuous magnification of 2.5X - 30X ◾7-inch High Definition full color TFT widescreen display ◾Immediate reading with “one-touch” to open and power on ◾5-hour continuous use rechargeable battery; large icon battery status ◾Patented indirect camera LED lighting system for even, glare-free illumination ◾8-megapixel High Definition and Auto-Focus camera ◾Large icon settings and information menu to save user settings ◾Adjustable brightness with full color photo mode and 16 high contrast color combinations ◾Two reading positions ◾Snapshot function with audio indication sounds ◾Save up to 75 captured images ◾Carrying case, wrist strap and a microfiber screen cleaning cloth ◾Portable and lightweight at only 1.4lbs (22.6 oz.) ◾Dimensions: 7.5 x 5.1 x 1.1 inches

Focus 40 Braille Display, $1000 or best offer

I am interested in selling my four year old focus 40 blue braille display. The unit is in excellent condition and comes with the carrying case, USB cable, and braille user guide. I will gladly except PayPal or we can discuss other options if PayPal doesn't work for you.

Optelec ClearReader+ Portable scanning & reading machine A1 condition! $600

Optelec ClearReader+ Portable scanning & reading machine. I found I rarely use it. Payed $1700. Less then 1 year old. Comes with charging cable, print manual & caring case. $600 Paypal or cash Optelec ClearReader+ Portable scanning & reading machine The ClearReader+ offers a broad variety of high quality male and female reading voices in 31 different languages. Select your preferred voices and languages With the ClearReader+ you have the option to save your post or interesting articles for later reference. You can archive single and multiple page documents Benefit from the portable design and use the ClearReader+ anywhere in your home. Move the unit around easily by using the convenient foldable carrying handle. Mike

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