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Audio Player Blind Bargains Qast 23: #ACB15 And #NFB15 Convention Conversation

J.J. and Joe have returned home from their trip to Orlando and NFB's 75th. our contributor Chancey Fleet was also there in Florida but our guest Jeff Bishop attended the ACB convention in Dallas. All have joined together to review the week that was, minus Joe's thoughts on the San Diego Comic Con which also took place last week, our traditional convention wrap up show. Listen to what the team thought were the hits, the misses and the best of the resolutions put forth to both organizations.


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Convention Coverage

Here is a collection of our convention hall coverage all in one handy list.

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#NFB15 Audio: APH and Nemeth, Calculators and apps, oh my!

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#ACB15 Audio: Indoor GPS Navigation with Lowviz Guide

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#ACB15 Audio: Hands-on with Tactile iOS screenshots from iHabilitation

#NFB15 Audio: Braille's Best Friends, Cosmo and BERT from E-Brailler

Tip: Turn up the Volume

Joe explains how you can use the volume keys to make text editing easier in Android with TalkBack.

Last Word:

No matter how you feel about either ACB or NFB, the best way that you can bring about change to both organizations is to join them. Change does happen. And it happens through the dedication of those who attend and impact the course of their local chapters. So, get out there and make a difference for all of us!
American Council of the Blind
National Federation of the Blind

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