Blind Bargains

Audio Player #SightVillage Audio: Dine And Think In Braille At Dens Le Noir

Dave ran into his old mate Darren Paskell, from ACB Radio days, and was surprised about his current employment. Seems that Mr. Paskell is currently working with a French chain of restaurants who specialize in the "Dining in the Dark" concept. "Dans Le Noir" offers a limited menu but that hasn't stopped the eatery's patrons from enjoying an endless world of experiencing food and drink without visual cues. Dave gets the inside scoop on what it takes to serve others in this capacity. Also, he gets a few funny stories out of him on what can happen when you get a group of people together in this type of environment. Visit Dans Le Noir for more information on how you, too, can be a part of this dining trend.

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