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Audio Player Blind Bargains Qast 32: This One Goes to Eleven

Somewhere between the post Apple Event aftermath and the pre Google Event hype lies episode 32. We get back to basics this week with a Listener Submission, a low vision game recommendation and a catchy bit of fluff in the "Last Word". Plus J.J. and Joe have a tip and some Twitter talk in "Sound Off".


This episode is brought to you by HIMS, who would like to remind you that "Your needs are our solutions". Check out the E-Bot Video Magnifier, the Blaze EZ reading solution, the new Smart Beetle Braille Display and more by visiting the HIMS website. Or, follow them on Twitter.

In The News:

NLS Bard Website is Back Online, At Least for Now

Sendero Releases Seeing Eye GPS 2.0 for the iPhone with User Points of Interest; Adds Australian Version

Parts of the World can Try Out Accessibility in Firefox for iOS

Voice Dream Reader Joins the Android Party

Lots of Apple centric information in the Sept 2015 Access World

And if you didn't catch it last week, we spoke about Apple on the BBQ in episode 31

Hims Sense Notetaker 8.5 Update Includes BARD Download Tool, Global Search, Web Radio Database

One Month Later: Revisiting Windows 10 Resources

We're thrilled to announce that SuperNova 15 with Windows10 support is here & ready to buy!

Thanks to Victor for pointing this one out, Klatt's Last Tapes - History of Speech Synthesis

Demo: Talking Infrared Thermometer Model IRT-1

We love it when we receive audio submissions from listeners. Aaron Spears sent us this informative audio demo of an accessible infrared thermometer. It's available from Brooks Technology
If you wish to contact Aaron, he is on Twitter @valiant8086, and also [has a website.][
Finally, check out his audio game work at Valiant Galaxy Associates.

App Recommendation: Doctor Who Legacy

Is it yet another excuse for Joe to shoehorn a Time Lord remark before the show debuts the first episode of Series 9 this Saturday September 19th? probably. However, this low vision friendly app for iOS and Android has two new in app expansions that are worth a look. At the core, Doctor Who Legacy is a "Match 3" puzzle game with a generous helping of TARDIS-covered nostalgia. Below all the mentions of previous Companions, the Doctor's Rogues Gallery and free 100 hours of story driven gameplay lies a deep Puzzler that sports easy-to-see graphics and text. Most menus contain white text on dark backgrounds. Moreover, you can adjust the color-matching gems to be colorblind favorable. The two new additions to DWL are the new "Kids mode" for $3.99 and the more advanced "Sonic Adventures" for $9.99. The new mode for children allows younger players to enjoy a challenge level more suited to their play style. The "Sonic Adventures" opens a whole new chapter in the game's storyline and allows you to equip the Doctor's iconic Sonic Screwdriver to your gem-matching powers. The latest update also allows you to take existing characters to Rank 6 without having to purchase anything. So there is something for those long term players who choose not to purchase the expansions. To learn more about "Doctor Who legacy", visit the game's official site at

Tip: Track that Package

J.J. explains how to use services like FedEx Delivery Manager and My Choice from UPS to manage all of the boxes delivered to his house.

Sound Off:

Here are a couple of Listener Comments sent to Joe via Twitter direct message. First up is Wes;

"Finally caught up on the BBQ over Labor Day and found it interesting that people are running with guide dogs. At a recent visit to the eye doctor she noticed I had a fitness tracker and asked about my exercise routine and when I said I ran around 15 miles a week she asked if I ever considered getting a guide dog. I understand why they train using specific routes, the faster you run the more it hurts when you run into something or trip :)
Wes Ferrell"

Next is an update on TuneIn from Frank Brown.

"In one of your previous BBQ casts you mentioned that Tune-in was difficult to use with IOS. With version 8.3 this has changed. You can now flick back and forth through items. Before you had to explore by touch. The scrub gesture now works to go back one screen. Thought this might be of interest to some listeners. Thank you."

Last Word:

We bring this week's show to a close with a line from Siri, a follow up to something J.J. wants to visit and a toe-tapping tweet Joe recently posted.
Siri Answers Question at White House Press Confrence
Feel The Burn: We Made a Tactile Map of Black Rock City for #Blind Burning Man Attendees
Taylor Swift - Bad Blood ft. Kendrick Lamar (In the Style of DISTURBED)

Has Siri chimed in with something funny for you? Is there a YouTube cover or mash up in your playlist you want to share with us? let us know either in the Comments Section below or email us

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