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Joe and J.J. took a little time out from holiday shopping, and looking at the crazy people sitting in line for the Force Awakens", to hang out with Liam to discuss gadgets. Along for the ride is Travis with a tip and some familiar friends in the "Last Word". So grab a fresh set of batteries or start wrapping all those gifts, it is the final regularish show of 2015!

In the news:

CSUN 2016 Session Directory Posted

After Long Hiatus, Google Updates BrailleBack with UEB Support

Another new version of Google Talkback hits the Play Store, follow the link to learn what is new

You Will Soon be Able to Print to Index Braille Embossers from your Phone

Blindfold Games and more holiday gift ideas are within the pages of the Decembr issue of Access World

Participants Requested for Survey on the Blind and Seeking Psychological Services

A New Wearable May Help Blind People More Easily Find Door Handles

From BBQ Regular Shelly Brizbin, @shelly I was joined on this episode of The Parallel Podcast by @jsnell And @RangerStation for a chat about podcasting.

Interview: Introducing Liam "Inspector Gadget" Guy

We welcome back, or is that now "Welcome Aboard"?, Liam Erven to talk about the many gadgets he has played with during the second half of 2015. He briefly shows off the speech in the Xbox One, talks about the Disney device that describes aspects of the Disney park experience, why the Amazon Echo is Liam's go to gadget, his thoughts on the Apple TV 4th generation and we get an update on changes with his X-Finity talking Comcast cable box. There is bound to be a talking doo dad in this portion you might find interesting. And if not, give Liam time, he'll be back to tell us more about the gadgets he finds on his many travels.

joe mentioned a new Xbox Ease Of Access forum. Here is the tweet from Microsoft Access that has the link to the new discussion area.

@MSFTEnable Feedback and accessibility ideas welcome --> Introducing the Xbox Ease of Access forum:

Tip: Travis Peterson and Amazon discounts
Travis shares an incredibly useful tip for filtering results of Amazon searches based on the percentage discount you're looking for. While your holiday shopping is probably already done, this tip may just save you enough money to buy a nifty present for yourself.

Sound off:

We had too much fun talking gadgets this week. So we only stopped to mention one tweet. But it is a doozy. His was the first of many comments about the tech to help us find door handles sent to us on the @blindbargains Twitter feed.

@zkline Seriously another stupid product made by stupid people to accomplish something stupid! Enough of this crap already!

Last Word:

For the last "Last Word" of 2015 we decided to pay homage to some of our fave subject matter. In other words, here are two links that embody this section of the show that feature food, cats and music.
This Spray Can Make Everything You Own Smell Like A Cat's Head
Merry Goats Singing Christmas Carols Are Exactly What Your Holidays Need

We still have two more episodes left before we reach 2016. But there is still time to let us know what you liked best about the BB Qast in 2015. Tell us your top A.T. story, fave moment or interview and it might just show up in a look back episode.

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