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Our resident Gadget Guy, Liam Erven, returns to show off a popular device from Amazon this week. The news line up is a little sparse pre CSUN, but we bet that won't be the case much longer as we're less than three weeks out from going to sunny San Diego. joe has a Windows tip, there is some great feedback in "Sound Off" and you'll hear about GPS plus overdue parking in the "Last Word".

In The News:

Freedom Scientific Releases Update to Openbook 9, Offering Support for 3 Video Magnifiers and improved OCR

Some Google Docs Users can now Edit Files with their Voice

BBC Hosting April Event to Hire Tech-minded People with Disabilities

The new issue of Access World is now available with a look at CES 2016 and more

Survey Seeks to Hear from Sports Fans about Website Accessibility

Demonstration: Amazon Echo And The Gadget Guy

Liam is back and he brought someone with him. Well, not a someone per se but this isn't your normal virtual personality. The Amazon Echo can do more than order you a refill on that favorite coffee. Over the past year, through the Skills system, the Echo can control a thermostat and play audio through TuneIn Radio. It can find you a flight then call an Uber to get you to the airport. Honestly, there is a lot to Echo beyond that of buying things inside the Amazon Echo-system. Of course if you are a fan of Amazon, being able to play music and read Kindle books is a nice bonus.
As is the way with podcasts, shortly after we recorded this episode, Amazon has introduced two new Echo models. Learn about them in our news story.

Tip: Disk Cleanup In Windows 10

Sound Off:

Here's an Email from episode 53 in response to our discussion on emergency alerts.

I use an iPhone 6+ running IOS 9.2.1. At least 3 of our local TV stations have apps that can be set to push breaking news.
There's also a social networking website and app for neighborhoods called NextDoor.
Kathy Blackburn

Andy wrote in with a timely request...

Will be at CSUN and hope to meet you guys. Hope to meet Ricky too. Will you be coming out with a Blind Bargains guide to CSUN like you did in the past?

Thanks for the request, and the motivation, for us to get this post together!

The Blind Bargains Guide to Attending #CSUN16 on a Budget

Last Word:

Thanks to Kathy Blackburn, see her email featured above, we have our first Listener-submitted story about GPS.
Listen to Morgan Freeman Give GPS Directions
San Francisco wants to reimburse Steve Jobs for overpaid parking tickets

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