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Audio Player #ACB16 Audio: Near Or Far, View And Scan With HIMS GoVision

We've featured the GoVision in our CSUN coverage, however, Joe hasn't gotten up close and personal with the unit for our BBQ fans until now. Paul shows Joe how the versatile arm of the device can allow a user to get up close and personal with their text no matter how close or far away it might be from the camera. Hear how GoVision differs from eBot and why you should consider this transportable unit if you find that you need a more deskbound Video magnifier solution. Need to know more? Head on over to the product page at the HIMS website.

2016 summer convention coverage is generously sponsored by HIMS, Inc., makers of the Blaze ET, BrailleSense U2, and the GoVision. Go make it happen with GoVision, the new transportable video magnifier with optical character recognition and the ability to enlarge and customize files, photos or videos from your cell phone, tablet or computer. For more information, visit
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