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Audio Player #ACB16 Audio: Have Fun And Frolic With Triumph Technology

Earle Harrison didn t have to travel very far for this year s ACB 16 convention as Minneapolis is the home of Triumph Technology. And this home field advantage allowed Earle to go all out with a showcase of many of the company s products. From Braille Displays to Bluetooth speakers and musical instruments? Yep, hear Earle the musician during this look at what Triumph Technology has on hand. To learn more, or to contact the company, visit their website for a catalog of products.

2016 summer convention coverage is generously sponsored by HIMS, Inc., makers of the Blaze ET, BrailleSense U2, and the GoVision. Go make it happen with GoVision, the new transportable video magnifier with optical character recognition and the ability to enlarge and customize files, photos or videos from your cell phone, tablet or computer. For more information, visit
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