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We get a ton of listener feedback and show suggestions in from social media and from, of course, One of those ideas for a show involved a summary of our previous tips all rolled up and placed inside an episode of its very own. With J.J. traveling, Patrick on vacation and Joe about to be doing some traveling of his own, this seemed like the perfect time to act on this concept.

In this episode you will hear previous tips, along with a few new ones, from the BBQ Crew. Here are some of the links to the episodes where these tips originally resided.

Our First Tip

Episode 1. Tellme still exists, sort of


Episode 52. Remove The Dropbox Badge

Episode 53. Tip: The Mute Button

Episode 54 Disk Cleanup In Windows 10

Episode 61. OCR in Chicken Nugget

Episode 64. Windows And The Number Row


Episode 9. What is this song

Episode 55. Siri and The Friendly Skies

Episode 18. Set an Alarm from Google Search

Episode 19. Field Test Mode

Episode 35. Google Now Calling with Speaker Phone option

Episode 33. Siri Sounds Funny

Episode 22. You're Talking Too Much

Episode 58. The iOS 4 Finger Swipe


Episode 4. Hanging with Friends Strategy

Episode 16. Farkle Strategy

Episode 27. SAPI Eloquence Meets Jim Kitchen's Games


Episode 21. Free Weather Alerts by Text Message and E-mail

Episode 20. TaskEasy

Episode 28. Eat This, Not That

Episode 17. Type Drummer

Next week, it's back to the basics with a look at all the news post Summer Conventions. And boy was there a lot of that!

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