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This week we have part 1 of an extended interviewwith musician Ginny Owens, news and an important update in "Sound Off". Due to the recording schedule, we won't be discussing Microsoft or Apple's recent events. Rest assured, in episode 80, we'll dive right into that for sure. Darn the tech gods and their not adhering to our calendar of events!

In The News:

J.J. and Access Ana are now authors! Go grab Getting Started With Android" from the National Braille Press now

BBQ Regular Shelly Brizbin's update for "iOS Access For All" is now ready for your reading pleasure

iOS 10.1 Released; Focuses on Camera Improvements with a Smattering of VoiceOver Fixes


BlindSquare 4.04 Utilizes iOS 10 Voices, Adds History Mode

Chicken Nugget 4.3 Fixes Blank Tweets, Rolls with Twitter's Changes

Survey on Technology Challenges from University College London Students

How LEGO Helps Blind People See

Interview: Ginny Owens

Ginny Owens is about to release her newest album on November 18th. In the first of a two-part interview with the star, Joe talks to Ginny about her approach to music and how today's musical landscape influences her recording process.

Tip: U.S. Ballot Information From Google

J.J. demonstrates that you can find out a lot about your local, and national, options for this election day by just typing "ballot" into a Google search. Do it today and don't forget to vote!

Sound Off:

Rachel writes into with a great work around that Joe didn't mention on his review of the Microsoft All In One Media Keyboard.

"Just listened to Episode 77. Still enjoying the show!

I had a tip for Joe. He mentioned he had a Microsoft mobile Bluetooth keyboard and was disappointed he couldn't connect to his Windows PC. There are USB Bluetooth adapters that you can plug into a port on your machine to enable Bluetooth capabilities. I bought a Kinivo one off of Amazon for less than $15, and it's been working great!

Here's the one I bought

Also, I preordered the Google Pixel and after I use it for a couple weeks would be happy to give you my take on it's accessibility and features in general.

Keep up the good work!"

'Lydia sent in an email that echoed many comments we were sent after last week's podcast dropped.

"Hello there,

I just finished listening to episode 78, and I have to say, that podcast made me pretty hungry. I really enjoyed the segment on the Instant Pot. I also enjoyed the Last Word as well. Thanks for a very delicious podcast.
Lydia Alverson"

And while we're discussing food... here is an update from Gordon.

"Haggis update
Many thanks for mentioning my email about the accessible floor planning program. Just a note to let you know that I'm in Scotland rather than Australia, though the family has exported various of my cousins to the land down under as they thought, for some odd reason, that sunshine and houses which came with swimming pools would be somewhat more attractive as a place to live than cool, wet and windy Scotland. There is, as has often been noted, no accounting for taste. I'd also like to add in a mention for our second great haggis cuisine, haggis pizza. Genuinely Scottish and no Italians were harmed in the production.

BTW, what is candy corn? Or is it Kandy Korn?


Um, yes. So that exists. Good to know? Well, to answer Gordon's question, Joe did his best to describe Candy Corn. Then he found this link not two days after the recording of this episode that might fit what the substance is a bit more for those who have not encountered it before.

Halloween fave: 10 spookily sweet candy corn facts

And from Twitter:

Ok pretty sure I want that Instant Pot featured on @blindbargains

My keyboard's batteries died while editing the up-coming @BlindBargains BBQ episode. As a result, @Ricky_Enger said "um" for three minutes.

By the way, here is that link to the Sound Ramp Joe described as being a thing Patrick could review. He probably won't. But here it is just the same.

Last Word:

Joe finds the meanings in foreign words and J.J. continues the long tradition of food in this portion of the show.
Harry Potter and the translator's nightmare
It's potato, but it melts like cheese

And as a bonus, for J.J.'s suggestion for the very thought of vegetables and chocolate in last week's episode, Trick AND treat! Man suggests fooling kids with Brussels sprouts dipped in chocolate

Next week, for episode 80, we'll break down the highlights from Microsoft and Apple's late October events. There will be hardware talk. You have been warned.

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