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Audio Player #CSUNATC17 Audio: A Graphic Interview with APH and Orbit Research on the Graphiti Tablet

The American printing House and Orbit Research brought their latest toys to CSUN including the latest prototype of the Graphiti, a graphical tactile tablet which was announced last summer J.J. gets a live demo from Ken Perry, an engineer and project manager for APH and Venkatesh Chari, President/CTO of Orbit Research in this podcast. The Graphiti has quite a few possible applications, many of which are still being explored including support for graphing calculators and tactile games. It can also act as a display for computers and will feature an open API for anyone who wants to write their own code to interface with the unit. Expect the Graphiti to land some time in 2018.

Blind Bargains audio coverage of CSUN 2017 is generously sponsored by the American Foundation for the Blind.

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