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Audio Player #nfb17 Audio: Live The Life Of High Adventure With Materia Magica

Chancey had to dodge dog guides, fight for food through crowds of convention attendees and track down all these interviews you have been listening to from NFB17. She has truly earned her spoils of victory. So why not celebrate by slaying a few dragons, or go wandering through a dungeon or two? It seems tame when compared to the Exhibit Hall floor actually. Chancey began her quest by talking with Beth Carrigan, General manager for the game Materia Magica, and she learns how easy it will be for her to play this 22 year old text adventure. With Windows and Screen Reader in hand, you can join the Lady Fleet online in this classic MUD. The game is free. However, donations are what allows this game to stay as strong as a castle wall. Visit the game's portal and the accessibility help page to learn how to play. If you dare...

Sponsor: HIMS, Inc.
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