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It is always a treat when we can get someone to come on the show and talk about services and new hardware. This week Buddy Brannan joins Joe and Patrick to discuss not only a new Braille Display, a new Braille Embosser and even a new Android phone. He also provides some good insight into the news surrounding service animals and the airline industry. Then, Patrick talks about a new recorder that Joe will probably end up buying before CSUN. It is a jam packed episode of insighful comments and hardware reviews. And we think this will come as a shock to J.J. for sure that his absence from the show this week did not result in a gab fest about videogames or Microsoft.

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Also, read more about the Braille Sense Polaris in the January 2018 edition of "Access World"

Discussion Topics: Buddy Has All The Toys!

Before we started conversations about things that go bleep in the night, Joe thought it would be a good idea to get Buddy's take on the current dilemma that Delta customers with service animals will face starting March 1st.

Joe and J.J. are not Guide Dog users, however, Buddy is and he has some rather blunt thoughts on the matter. Here are a few statements from others on the situation as further food for thought.

ACB's Remarks on Delta s Revised Guidelines
National Federation of the Blind Statement on Delta's New Service Animal Policy
Delta flies 250,000 service animals a year. Now the rules are changing
Some Disability Advocates Are Upset With Delta's New Service Animal Requirements
A woman tried to board a plane with her emotional-support peacock. United wouldn't let it

We then turned to a discussion about Buddy's new ViewPlus Columbia Embosser. Followed by a peak at his new Inovision Braille Me 20 cell sub $500 Braille Display

Then Joe had to get Buddy's feelings on record about his use of a Google Pixel 2.
It is a wild time indeed as Buddy is bullish on all this new tech.

Hardware Preview: Zoom H1n

The refreshed model of Zoom's long running H line is starting to emerge from CES and on to store shelves. The Zoom H1 is the entry level device in the H series and you have already heard how good it is if you have listened to any of Joe's convention recordings in the last 7 years. So it was with great interest that we ask the Audio master Patrick perdue if Joe was about to drop $120 on this updated recorder. The short answer is... probably. Patrick takes us on a tour of the controls and gives his first impressions on what he found in his short time using this recently released product. We're sure to have more to say on this one in the future. Stay tuned!
You can get it now through third-party sellers on Amazon for $119.99

Last Word:

We only had time for one link, and it seemed fitting after the Grammies, here is more on why songs sound the same and a great example of the "Golden ratio" in music.
4 Cords Redux

Next week, J.J. is back with the first of audio from ATIA 2018. And we may actually get a chance to catch up on some of the long lost and forlorn "In The News" section.

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