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The Blind Bargains Crew has put on their track shoes to keep up with all the news that has been generated by Aira in the early portions of 2018. From the announcement of the Aira Employment Program to the ability to use the service in some grocery stores, the team at AIRA is listening to their subscribers and providing solutions to their needs. Greg Stilson, Director of Product Management, joins Joe Steinkamp to discuss in more detail these events and how they tie into the upcoming release of the Horizon version of the product. rolling out in May of this year. Greg also notes what is in store with Aira at CSUN 2018. Learn about how the company will transform the area with Aira City San Diego; Aira Horizon Smart Glasses; introduction to the capabilities of Hey Chloe [TM] Aira s new artificial intelligence (AI) platform; and much more that you can read about from this CSUN blog post.

We would like to thank Aira and Greg for coming on the program and for being a sponsor of the Blind Bargains Qast. If you have questions about the service, or need more information, you can drop Aira an email at

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