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Audio Player 2018 Summer Convention Special #Sponsored: What’s New For Google Home And Google Assistant

The first Google Home devices debuted on U.S. store shelves in October 2016. The Google Home Mini and Max joined the lineup the following year. Now, thanks to the power of the Google Assistant Compatible Device Program, you can search and ask questions to a wide assortment of products from a growing number of hardware manufacturers.

J.J. caught up with Kiran Kaja, Technical Program Manager for Search and Assistant, to get the latest on recent features added to the Google Home and Google Assistant platforms. New voices, continuous conversation and the connected home with Chromecast are just some of the subjects covered in this interview. With support for 80 countries, in 30 different languages, tune in to discover an example of what you can do with the Google Home and Google Assistant.

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This week we're teaming up with our friends on the Google Accessibility team to talk about accessibility features within products like Android, Chrome OS, G Suite, Google Home, Assistant and more! Be sure to listen to our podcast series where we get the inside scoop, including the upcoming launch of Chat support and a 24 hour response time for the Disability Support team on July 9th.

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