Blind Bargains

Audio Player Blind Bargains Qast 171: Patrick’s Poppin’ Presentation

2018 saw us release 40 episodes, tons of convention audio and lots of demos over the course of the year. And all that audio was nearly perfect in every way. No really, it was because one man one amazingly patient man made us sound much better than the original recordings. Until now. The rest of the BBQ Crew call this traditional episode The Revenge Show , however, you may know it by the moniker Patrick s Outtakes episode. Over the course of 90 embarrassingly, painful for us yet not for Patrick, long minutes you will hear many things that hit the cutting room floor with a resounding thud. And don t worry as the Wolverine returns, Joe s Diva demo cat is back, and a couple of catchy tunes will have your toe tapping along the way. So, sit back and relax as you listen to why we do not do online streams of this podcast. And thanks again to Patrick Perdue for making this all possible!

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