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Audio Player #ATIA19 Audio: Becoming Modern With Microsoft And Low Vision Access In Windows

Microsoft has been steadily adding features and enhancements to Windows 10 over the course of a series of Spring and Fall updates. Braille support, speech during the installation process and having the ability to use Narrator in safe mode are just some of the accomplishments the Accessibility Teams at Microsoft have brought to the operating system. Jason Grieves, Product Manager Low Vision Windows Accessibility, had a moment at ATIA to chat with J.J. about how the company is now providing that same focus for Windows Magnifier. Jason outlines features coming to magnifier in the Spring Update that include enhancements to pointers, centralized focus and how users can do more with Narrator and Magnifier running together. To stay up to date with everything going on with access at Microsoft, and to attend their new webinar series, follow Microsoft Access on Twitter

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