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Audio Player #CSUNATC19 Audio: VoxiTV Brings Information And Entertainment To The Palm Of Your Hand

Long time readers, and listeners, know that the BBQ Crew has some complicated audio and visual setups when it comes to consuming content on the web. But not everyone wants to go to that extreme. That's why J.J. took a moment to speak with Fabien Jeannau, Founder and CEO of Voxiweb, about the upcoming U.S. launch of VoxiTV. The product can be purchased as a set top box, with remote, or as stand alone software for a tablet. The easy to use menu driven interface contains more than 75 services broken down into 8 categories. J.J. takes a tour of the set top box itself, describes the included remote and learns about some of the connection options that are available for that version of the service. For more information, keep watching the Inside Vision U.S. website for details about pricing and launch specifics

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