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Audio Player #CSUNATC19 Audio: A Deeper Dive Into The Process Of Updates And NV Access

The Blind Bargains Suite almost needed an adjoining room to fit all the participants from NV Access involved with this interview. Mick Curran (Executive Director and founder), James Boreham (General Manager), Reef Turner (Developer and Quentin Christensen (Training & Support Manager take J.J. on a whirlwind tour of the newest features of NVDA. braille display auto detection, enhanced support for Office 365 through UI Automation and the ability to use the Windows 10 One Core voices are highlighted at the top of this discussion. The conversation then turns to a more candid look at how the move away from Python 2 will impact add on makers, the challenges in supporting older operating systems and how a more rapid release schedule can be a double edged sword. The team also talks about their view on competition in the market and detail which synthesizer is the most popular amongst the program s users. please be sure to donate, or purchase the training materials mentioned, as it keeps the lights on, but it additionally allows the team to come and network at events like CSUN. To learn more, or to read the In Process blog, visit the NV Access website

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