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The BBQ Crew returns to the studio to delve into the highlights from the 2019 Google i/o keynote. We also have an interview with a maker of some tasty products, Angela Fowler of Gliding Eagle Jerky. And David Ward stops by again to pass along another Amazon Echo tip. All of this, plus the "Last Word", is in store for you in episode 180.

Discussion Topic: 2019 Google i/o

J.J. and joe give their hot takes on the keynote. Here are some of the stories that powered their conversation about the big event.

The 8 biggest announcements from the Google I/O 2019 keynote

Google Pixel 3A review: a $399 phone with a great camera

Pixel 3A vs. Pixel 3: how the specs compare for Google s latest phones

Google renames Assistant home devices, debuts $229 Nest Hub Max

Google s New Privacy Features Put the Responsibility on Users

Google s Sundar Pichai snipes at Apple with privacy defense

Google Lens will start recommending what you should eat at restaurants

Nest, the company, died at Google I/O 2019

Google Adds Additional Ways to Enable Accessibility, Other Tweaks in Android Q Accessibility Services

Live Relay, Easier phone calls without voice or hearing

EnVision AI is the winner of a Google Play Award for accessibility

Android Q Beta 3 adds developer option that forces dark mode on all apps

[Update: Spreads to Samsung, LG] Google Lookout uses AI to help visually-impaired people navigate the world

Google Maps' New AR Walking Directions Are Pretty Cool

Google Assistant will soon have more interactive visual content on Android and smart displays

A.T. Guys: iON Wireless Fast Charger Stand

Introducing a wireless charger for your phone that is flexible and powerful.

The iON Wireless fast charger stand from Iottie integrates the power of Qi wireless fast charging technology with an angled design ideal for viewing content at home or in the office. The wireless fast charger for Samsung, iPhone, and other Android devices allows you to charge conveniently without cords by simply resting the device against the anti-slip pad.

The design of the wireless phone charger features two Qi coils allowing for wireless charging in portrait or landscape mode. The iON Wireless Qi charger Stand is designed with a 65-degree tilt that allows for viewing content or notifications while charging wirelessly at home or in the office. The anti-slip pad on the base of the wireless charger provides extra traction on smooth or textured furniture surfaces.

To read more about this new stand, visit A.T. Guys today

Interview: Angela Fowler Gliding Eagle Jerky

J.J. sits down with Angela Fowler to discuss how she is taking a product from convention to the convenience store. Angela tells the story of how Gliding Eagle Jerky came about from being a passion shared by her family to something she considered doing as a business. From Braille on the stylish visual packaging to activly hiring people with disabilities, Angela explains how she is approaching her growth plan for the company. She is interested in working with Blind Enterprise Vendors as well. To learn more about the company, or to get a taste of the 3 available flavors, head over to Gliding Eagle on the web

Tip: NFB Newsline

David Ward is back to give us an overview of the popular Amazon alexa Skill designed by the NFB. Hear a demo of a local newspaper in this tip.

Sound Off

A couple of comments from I/O came in on Twitter as we were recording:

KnowledgeableKa: Duplex seems more useful now on the web and I'm looking forward to being able to do multiple tasks continuously without always saying okay Google.

nidza07: The accessibility session was never so bad.

Last Word:

The summer movie season is upon us. However, some movies are fun if they were only in the theater for a short time.
The Joy Of Watching, And Rewatching, Movies So Bad They're Good
Inside KeanuCon, the First Keanu Reeves Film Festival

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