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Many things have changed since our first show Five years ago. This week is proof of that as Joe has a new profession He has embarked on; Patrick has a new ongoing feature for the BBQ and J.J. has some amazing news about a new Braille Display coming to A.T. Guys. Travel, animals and an acknowledgement of what came before rounds out this 200th, of the numbered shows, installment of the Blind Bargains Qast.

In The News:

Fusion 2020 Is Live And Will Soon Have A December 2019 Update
Apple Releases iOS 13.2.3 and iPadOS 13.2.3 with Mail, Messages, and Search Fixes and Background App Performance Improvements
It s here! Get iOS Access for All (iOS 13 Edition) in ePub format. It s fully updated for iOS 13, with coverage of dark mode, voice control, enhancements to VoiceOver, and lost more. Get it now and tell your friends!
Orbit research introduces a chat app for the deaf-blind
Aira, Microsoft, and Moovit make public transport more accessible for the visually impaired
The Continued Significance of the National Library Service for the Blind: Expanding Braille and Implementing the Marrakesh Treaty
Audio Wizards Update Brings 5 New Levels To Android And iOS For Free
Access World For November Brings The Annual Holiday Gift Guide And More

Interview: Ed Rodgers and Liam Smith of Bristol Braille

A milestone like our 200th BBQ needed something just as huge at the center of the proceedings. Ed Rodgers and Liam Smith, of Bristol Braille, thought the same. The pair sat down with J.J. to discuss how the Canute is moving from the pre-order phase to an imminent full-fledged product launch. Hear some stories about the construction, the support and the open source nature of the project. And, if that wasn't enough, visit our A.T. Guys product page for the Canute 360 Braille Multiline E-reader to order yours as they become available Stateside. Be sure to visit the Bristol Braille site for more information about the launch windows outside the U.S..

Tip: Make Math Easier With Calcute

J.J. knows that Joe's Kryptonite is math. But things may change as Calcute allows you to easily perform math in an "adding tape" notepad style. This program lets you review your work, rearrange your functions and edit problems on the fly. It might not help Joe; however, it might just be the right thing for helping you out with your calculations.

Sound Off:

This email, entitled "Two hundredth episode of the BBQ podcast.", was sent in the night before we recorded this show.

"Hi Joe, and JJ,

My name is Jeremy Levy and I have been a fan of your podcast since 100. I was also a fan of the Sero Talk podcast. I really enjoy the coverage you do for the different blind conferences. I also really enjoy the different episodes that you talk about. I would love to start my own podcast with in this next year. Thank you very much for showing me that blind people can do podcasts. Congratulations on your 200th episode.
Your loyal fan, and loyal listener,
Jeremy Levy"

Thanks for writing in Jeremy. Here is a bit of behind the scenes trivia. We recorded this episode on the five year anniversary of the news That broke about our previous podcasts. We are extremely proud of all our previous work and we appreciate those who have stayed with us all these years. Joe, J.J. and Patrick have been working together a long time over hundreds of hours of audio. And we could not have done it without our friends, sponsors and most of all our fantastic fans along the way.

Last Word:

It seemes only fitting that cats and travel found their way into this week's oddness from the web.
Trapped Under The Megabus
A black cat got loose on the field for Giants-Cowboys, and Twitter lost its mind

Episode 201 will feature our big Black Friday extravaganza! Tune in to hear more about deals and products that may just make your gift giving a little bit easier this holiday season.

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