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Audio Player #CSUNATC20 Audio: Reading And Writing Graphiti With Orbit Research

Last summer Lisa spoke to Venkatesh Chari, CEO and President of Orbit Research, during our ACB interview coverage. That interview noted some welcome changes that had come to the Orbit Reader 20 regarding upgrading the unit from the SD card slot. In November, Orbit Research released a chat app for the deaf-blind. And this month, as the doors opened to the CSUN Exhibit Hall floor, the company announced several new products and an update to the original Orbit Reader. J.J. snuck into that same Exhibit Hall before the crowds arrived in order to talk to Venkatesh about the new products, their pricing and more details about the status of the Graphiti display. To learn more about Orbit Research, or purchase any of the products mentioned in this interview, visit the company's website

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