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Audio Player Blind Bargains #Sponsored Audio: Maps with a Mission with the Free GoodMaps App

As we lead up to our exhibit hall coverage for 2021, we start with an extended interview and deep dive into GoodMaps. Thanks for listening.

Sponsor; Goodmaps, Maps with a Mission

J.J. interviews GoodMaps’ CEO, Jose Gaztambide to learn about the evolution and
exciting developments at GoodMaps. Tune in to learn more about GoodMaps’ indoor
positioning technology, the philosophy behind developments, and their vision for
the next five years.

J.J. also gives listeners a detailed demonstration of GoodMaps’ free iOS and
Android app, called GoodMaps Explore, with both outdoor and indoor
functionality, by going through pieces of the audio
he and Mike May created. You can experience various features first-hand, to name
a couple, location description, getting warmer, and customization settings.

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