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Audio Player BBQ 229: HIMS Describes The Feelings You Get From The Braille eMotion

This week's show features the last of our CSUNATC24 interviews. It also features JJ's return to his vocal stylizing of some famous songs. We apologize in advance for that. By the way, if you have been looking for us on what used to be Twitter, well, don't. Our official feed has moved to Mastodon, and you can experience the same content you know from us there.

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CSUNATC24 Interview: Jenny Axler And Earle Harrison With HIMS

Our last interview from Anaheim is a bit of a, 2 for 1, bonus. J.J. found a secluded spot for coffee while catching up with Jenny Axler, International Technical Manager HIMS International, and Earle Harrison, National Account Manager HIMS Inc. Both Jenny and Earle have spoken to us before, however, it has been a while since we've spoken to HIMS. So, there was a lot to learn from the pair. First up, we get the low down on the new Braille eMotion note taking device. For fans of HIMS's previous units, there are a lot of familiar designs here. Then, we get an overview of the SensePlayer and a deeper dive into the Smart Connect remote function for iOS and Android. Pre-orders for the Braille eMotion are already live. And you can find out more about various products, including Video Magnifiers, at the HIMS Inc. website.

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