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Audio Player Audio: Intel Reader vs. KNFB Reader Mobile Comparison with Speed Test Results

Here's the moment you've been waiting for. In part 3 of our Intel Reader review, we pitted the Intel Reader against the KNFB Reader Mobile to measure their speed, accuracy, and performance. Listen to this audio comparison from Matt Mccubbin and J.J. Meddaugh to see how both performed on six types of documents. We also determine the time it took for each unit to process the images. The speed test results are after the jump. We'll be performing these same tests on other reading software and hardware in the future.

Following are the speed test results for the Intel Reader and KNFB Reader Mobile for our set of test documents. Each document was processed once per unit. If the results were garbled or unreadable, a second attempt was allowed. Times below reflect the fastest of these attempts, and are printed in seconds.

Piece of mail, printed on card stock:
Intel Reader: 26.0
KNFB Reader Mobile: 15.8

Product manual, glossy page
Intel Reader: 38.1
KNFB Reader Mobile: 11.6

Box of tea
Intel Reader: 31.8
KNFB Reader Mobile: 14.7

Printed page from the Congressional Record in 6 point font
Intel Reader: 40.2
KNFB Reader Mobile: 13.4

Label on canned food
Intel Reader: 35.0
KNFB Reader Mobile: 20.3

LCD Screen on a Nokia Phone
Intel Reader: did not read
KNFB Reader Mobile: did not read

All times were derived from the time the camera key was pressed until the first reading of any text on the page. They were determined by using a digital audio editor to calculate the length of the test, as performed on the original recording. While we made a good faith effort to produce accurate results, errors may exist, and your results may vary.

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