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Getting Around: 5 Creative Ways to use Ridesharing Services like Uber

Having affordable and reliable transportation can be a very liberating experience. Though ridesharing services like Uber and Lyft still have some accessibility challenges to overcome, we've found a lot of creative ways to use the services. Here's five potential uses you may not have thought of. And if you're new to Uber, you can sign up and get a free ride, which is up to $30 as of the time of this post.


Hiring someone at $75 an hour to move your valuables is so 20th-century. Although you may not have a lot of luck lugging unwieldy items like your bed or couches, you can certainly take care of a lot of the small stuff. Page an Uber driver and make two or three trips under the same fare if you have a lot to move. By using the same ride, you won't have to pay a second base fare or safe rides fee, just your mileage and time. Have your items boxed up ahead of time to save both you and the driver's time.

Send your Drunk Friend Home

Obviously, there's no excuse for drinking and driving, ever. If a friend of yours has had a bit too much and having them sleep on the couch is out of the question, page an Uber and let them ride home safely. Ideally, your friend will be in control to get in and out of the vehicle without passing out and refrain from puking all over the vehicle.

Pick up your Date in Style

Let's face it. If you're aiming to impress, telling your potential date to meet you on the 12 bus is not often the best way to do it, unless you live somewhere like New York where these things are much more commonplace. Page an Uber to your house and then drive over to their house and pick them up in style. Make it a Black car to up the ante just a bit.

Use an Uber to Extend your Bus Route

Taking an Uber 10 miles to a newfangled restaurant may be a bit price prohibitive. But perhaps your local bus system can get you close. Consider taking a bus most of the way to your destination, and then grabbing a short Uber ride to fill in the gaps. Now you have money for a nicer meal or another drink.

Fast food runs.

I took an Uber ride last week to pick up pizza and donuts. As it turned out, one of my favorite pizza places is right next door to my favorite donut stop, so I tackled two cravings for the price of one ride. Plus, I didn't have to pay a delivery fee or tip to the pizza driver.

There's lots of cool ways to use ridesharing services, and we'd love to hear yours. Go ahead and sound off in the comments.

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darknexus Thursday, 12-Feb-2015 3:46 PM ET:

Not original perhaps, but they're good ways to get your pets to the vet if they're small. Took my cat to the vet yesterday using Lyft and Uber--Lyft there, Uber back since Lyft won't pick up in that area. I never got any free rides from Uber when I signed up, though Lyft did give me a $5 credit off each of my first three rides. They're good for lugging groceries back from the store, too.

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