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Quick Take: Convention Scheduling Poses Dilemma for Exhibitors

This year, many consumers and companies will need to make some tough decisions when it comes to their summer convention planning. For the past several years, the two major consumer organizations, the National Federation of the Blind and the American Council of the Blind have held their national conventions on separate weeks, a departure from past practices. But this year, likely through sheer coincidence, both conventions are being held the second week of July, posing a particular dilemma for technology companies and the consumers who wish to see their products.

This year's NFB convention is scheduled for Orlando July 5-10. Meanwhile, the ACB's national conference and convention is scheduled for the same week, officially July 3-11, in Dallas. For those who typically attend one gathering consistently, this likely isn't a big deal. But for companies wishing to exhibit cipro antibiotic, it potentially poses some problems.

While larger companies will have resources in place to attend two events simultaneously, small businesses will have a harder go at it. Both exhibit halls are scheduled toward the beginnings of their respective conventions, so the notion of splitting time between the two isn't very plausible.

Due to hotel commitments and other events beyond many people's control, this sort of thing may happen from time to time. I don't believe either organization conspired to make this happen, but it's a situation worth noting nonetheless.

So if you attend one of the conventions this summer and wonder why your favorite exhibitor is not in attendance, scheduling may be the reason why.

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darknexus Monday, 16-Feb-2015 10:07 PM ET:

In otherwords, special interest groups are selfish. News at 11.

kg4dqk Tuesday, 17-Feb-2015 6:29 PM ET:

I suspect the manufacturers that most people are interested in seeing, will be able to have enough people at each convention. I am betting that people will have no problems finding the products their interested in seeing in the exhibit hall. If the vendor does not have the resources to attend both conventions, they should attend the convention that typically earns them the most return on their investment. In the future, it would be nice to see some discussion among both organizations to ensure this doesn't happen.

J.J. Tuesday, 17-Feb-2015 11:15 PM ET:

KD4DQK: I largely agree with you, though I know some smaller companies, including us ( A T Guys) have more difficulty with a situation like this. I know there are others. The Humanwares of the world will be just fine.

kg4dqk Thursday, 19-Feb-2015 10:00 AM ET:

I know because it is impossible to handle the booths by yourself. At those large shows, you need at least two people; more if you ever want to take a break or be able to eat. I worked the ACB converence one year when it was in Florida with only one other person. We did a total of 48 hours at our booth and we never could leave until the exhibit hall closed.

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J.J. Meddaugh is an experienced technology writer and computer enthusiast. He is a graduate of Western Michigan University with a major in telecommunications management and a minor in business. When not writing for Blind Bargains, he enjoys travel, playing the keyboard, and meeting new people.

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