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Blind Bargains Podcast 6: Party Sounds And Shoeboxes

The wild winter weather continues. However, we have one hot podcast on hand to keep you warm. In this episode we feature the second portion of our interview with Brian Hartgen, a look at an accessible smartwatch with Nimer Jaber and helping us out with it all is the fantastic Lisa Salinger. Tips, feedback and our survey with the finalists in the naming competition round out the show. So find a hot beverage, or dust off that old Snuggie, and join us for the sounds of the pre CSUN season.

In The News:

Now we're Talking. Latest NVDA Includes Enhanced Skype Support, Browse Mode for Microsoft Office

Quick Take: Convention Scheduling Poses Dilemma for Exhibitors

Three Monkeys Fantasy Audio RPG Seeking Kickstarter Backing

An iPad with Buttons? New Phorm Case Offers Tactile Experience

There is a study out there that says that Apple and Android have a lot in common... Both iOS 8 and Android v4 crash apps a lot!

Google Launches WebView Beta Channel In The Play Store

Sling TV Launches but is it ready for access?

Reuters: Apple may be working on a self-driving car after all

The Weekly Apple Rundown: Keep Watching The Skies Edition

Interview: Brian Hartgen Part 2

We continue our conversation with Brian, focusing on another product you can find at Hartgen Consulting. Leasey is a program that works with JAWS to increase your productivity and make some common tasks easier to complete. The program is broad enough to aid the beginner user. However, the advanced features are strong enough to impress even the JAWS power users out there. Find out more about this particular product by visiting Brian's site.

Discussion Topic: audio, virtual or otherwise

Last week saw a metric ton of stories about the importance of audio. Here are the stories that inspired us to talk about the space between our ears.

Virtual Haircut and other Binaural Audio Demos from QSound
QSound Labs: Jungle Night Binaural Audio Demo
Lisa recommends: "The Great Animal Orchestra: Finding the Origins of Music in the World's Wild Places” by Bernie Krause.

Binaural audio is returning from obscurity to make virtual reality more awesome

Hear New York City in 3D audio

Surrounded by sound: how 3D audio hacks your brain

Our ‘soundscapes’ can improve our lives

New Type of Window Muffles Outside Noise But Lets In Fresh Air

Get a Quieter Room at a Hotel By Asking If It’s Near an Event Location

Demonstration: Samsung Gear S Smartwatch

Nimer Jaber is a brave soul. He dares to take Talkback into places that most Android users dread. That is why he decided to look into Androidware and how it worked with his devices and the Samsung Gear S Smartwatch. Tune in to find out if this watch is worth the money or if you should hold out for that gold Apple Watch. Because, as we know from Conan O'Brian, "Gold is best".

Sound Off:

We've been asking for your ideas about what we should call the show for weeks now and you all have resoundingly responded. In fact, we had such a slew of names in our Inboxes that we turn to you again to help us single out a title. Run over to our survey and vote for the name that strikes you the most. Then, perhaps on episode 7 if all goes well, we will finally have a name for the podcast.

Our first email comes is a follow up to our fashion discussion:

"Hello guys,

This email is directed to JJ. It's great that you no longer wear white
socks with a suit. Way to go!! Now you have to work on not wearing
white socks at all unless you are working out or doing some other
athletic activity. You should try to match your socks with your pants
(primary option) or with your shoes (secondary option). If you want to
wear One color of sock, instead of always wearing white socks, try
black socks. BTW, tell Joe that I don't wear the same outfit twice in
the same year. Good job.


This one is From our episode 6 comments section. Thanks Svetlana!

"Hello hosts! I'm a host and podcast editor from Russia, from Siberia to be precise. Guys, I'm sooo happy I found you again! Now I can tell my friends who were upset with your disappearance too where to find you. It's really great you've added your podcast to the Ootunes database because this is exactly how I found it! Listening on the Stream now. I hope you'll still have a lot of tech stuff on the show :-) Looking forward to CSUN coverage. You're amazing! Keep up a wonderful job!"

Twitter brings us these cool tweets...

rt @lthackerjr: @blindbargains On the latest podcast. I'm with Jay. Govt distorts the market. When the user isn't the customer, cost up, quality down.
rt @DiannaMuircast: @RangerStation @blindbargains So you must say hello to Dora Kitty next time. grins

Okay, that last one needs some explanation. It seems that Diana's pet cat purrs more often when it hears Joe on various podcasts. It seems this trend has now continued here at Blind Bargains. Buddy Brannan could not be reached for comment to see if he will use Joe's recorded voice as a calming technique in his Veterinarian Assistant training. However, Joe has offered to read "cat in the Hat" if he finds it is indeed helpful.

Last word:

Not many know that Lisa enjoys singing in the choir. Therefore, her old pal Joe found these links to showcase some of her knowledge about music.
Everyone Can Sing
Very few people are truly tone-deaf. Most just need to practice, a new study finds.

CBS' Stevie Wonder Special to Air with Video Description for Visually Impaired

As always, we thank you for listening to the show, and it wouldn't be what it is without your participation. If you have a segment idea, a quick tip, or you just want to drop us a line, send us an email at Also, don't forget to take our quick survey where you can help us name the show, tell us the kinds of content you like, and more.

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dezzi Thursday, 19-Feb-2015 10:48 PM ET:

Hi! i just wanted to take a moment to let you know that I really am enjoying your podcast. I like that it is both informative and entertaining. I enjoy the fact that you all seem to be friends, and not just merely coleagues. Personally, I enjoy more the podcast with some interaction rather than just statement of facts and numbers. thanks for this! It, and all of you, are awesome!

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Joe Steinkamp is no stranger to the world of technology, having been a user of video magnification and blindness related electronic devices since 1979. Joe has worked in radio, retail management and Vocational Rehabilitation for blind and low vision individuals in Texas. He has been writing about the A.T. Industry for 15 years and podcasting about it for almost a decade.

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