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Fashion Sense with Jywanza: Developing your Style

Before I get to this week’s colum, I would like to answer a question and reply to a comment I have received. Louis D asked my opinion about Old Navy. I am not a huge fan of Old Navy. Old Navy’s quality isn’t up to par compared to The Gap and The Banana Republic. If you want your clothes to last for years to come, I wouldn’t shop at Old Navy. That being said, Old Navy is a great place to shop for trendier items. I had a comment regarding this column’s intended targeted audience…. I am a male and while I try to provide some general information in each column that isn’t gender specific, this column’s intended targeted audience is men. Please keep the questions and comments coming and I will try my best to answer them. Now to this week’s column.

When most people want to start dressing better, they think they need all their clothes to stand out and wear all the latest trends. However, that isn’t the case. A person’s fashion personality says who he or she is and it's expressed by his or her style. Over the years, I have told people my style is based on timeless classics and I have a classic style of dressing rather than a trendy style of dressing. What does that mean? Please read below to find out.

Classic Style

Classic style does not mean boring or your clothes are old fashion. The Classic style is timeless and elegant. A classic style consist of understated, timeless, interchangeable wardrobe pieces such as a dark pair of good-fitting jeans, neutral-colored shirts or a V-neck sweater which are going to look good on you six months from now or even six years from now and will serve as the supporting pieces to your trendier, more eye-catching clothes. With a classic style, you should invest in quality clothes because you will be able to use the clothes for years to come and this will save you money in the long run. One last note…… Take care of your clothes. If you want your clothes to last, store them correctly and do other basic maintenance as the needs arise.


What does trendy mean with respect to fashion? Trendy simply means that you are following the latest up-to-date fashion trends. Having trendy items isn’t bad. However, since trends come and go, trendy pieces should not make up a huge percentage of your wardrobe and you should not spend a lot of money on trendy clothing that will soon change. Go to store such as American Apparel or to get your new season clothes and accessories. I usually incorporate a handful of trendy items each season such as the new “in” color for shirts or low-cost trendy accessories.


Whether you are a fan of a more classic style of dressing or a fan of a more trendy style of dressing, you should always aim for clothes that fit properly, flatter your body type and reflect your unique sense of style. We all do not have the same body type. What works for me might not work for you. If a piece doesn’t fit properly, comfortably close but not over-tight, with no pinching or sagging, it is not going to make you look good. If you have any comments, please drop your thoughts in the comment section below.

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Jywanza Maye is a savvy shopper born and raised in New York City. His friends regularly come to him seeking advice about beauty products and where to find the latest clothing deals. He graduated Magna Cum La from Baruch College with a degree in Business Administration. He is a tea enthusiast and an avid reader.

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