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Blaze EZ Patch Enables Direct NLS BARD Downloads

A free patch has been released for the Hims Blaze EZ Multiplayer, enabling direct downloading of NLS BARD titles. Still numbered as version 1.10, this release also includes improvements to the update process and the built-in web radio support. We've linked to the download page and included the release announcement below.
HIMS is pleased to release a patch to the Blaze EZ, v1.1 With this release, we bring you a BARD download library service app! You don t need a computer anymore to transfer content from NLS onto your Blaze EZ. You can now search the collection of NLS titles and have them automatically downloaded through the wireless connection of the Blaze EZ.
With the Web-Radio app, it s now possible to move 10 items within a list of stations. Stations are now presented in alphabetical order. We ve also increased the speed of the update download.

Release Notes for Blaze EZ V1.1 Patch

HIMS International


  1. Library Services Menu
    Added NLS BARD app

Basic Navigation

  1. Use Down arrow to move to more specific designations.
  2. Use Up arrow to return to more general categories.
  3. Use Left and Right arrows to move among items in a category or book list.
  4. From a book list, press Select to open options for reading detailed info or downloading the focused book.
    II. Web Radio
    Improved navigation.
    i. Press and holdLeft and Right arrows to move back and forward by 10 items in a list.
    ii. Category lists in the search database are now in alphabetical order.

Major bug fixes

  1. Book Reader
    Fixed a problemnavigating some folders of NLS books in the Explorer.
  2. Web radio
    Fixed the problem of crashing when adding some channels to the channel list.
    Fixed a problem wherein stations would crash the unit if played immediately after upgrading.
  3. Library Services
    Fixed a problem where the number of books in the online DAISY bookshelf was not displayed accurately after returning books to the bookshelf..
  4. Online Upgrade
    Significantly reduces update download time.
  5. Media Player
    Fixed a problem where the unit would power on and off in the middle of very long WAV files..
Source: Hims
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darknexus Monday, 27-Apr-2015 7:37 PM ET:

Still no Audible support though. No interest whatsoever on my part until that is rectified.

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