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Serotek Announces 3rd Generation of DocuScan Plus, Taking Upgrade Preorders for $149

Serotek has announced a major upgrade for its DocuScan Plus OCR product for Windows and Mac computers. The forthcoming third generation of the software will include a new scanning and OCR engine which will read documents in multiple languages, enhanced PDF support, enhanced integration with the iBlink Radio app, scanning of saved images, and Bookshare support among other improvements. Preorders for the upgrade are available now for $149 with an expected release in June. The complete Email release is below. Thanks to Prattik for the tip.

This is an important message specifically about a Serotek product that you own. Please read this message in its entirety. .
As you know, since 2002, our DocuScan product has raised the impact of the printed word to the power of the worldwide web. We took the best optical character recognition technology, harnessed the efficiency of cloud deployment, and leveraged the combination to give you accurate scanning results in a variety of accessible formats.
Now we're excited to announce the third generation of our DocuScan product. Our records show you are using the second-generation product, so here's your opportunity to get a sneak peek at the latest and greatest before the final release.
Here are some of the exciting new features in the upcoming version of DocuScan Plus:
An updated OCR engine will let you scan printed documents and PDF files with grater accuracy than ever before.
You'll be able to scan documents in languages other than English, including: Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese (including Brazilian Portuguese), Russian, Spanish, Swedish, and Turkish.
Bookshare integration will make it easier than ever to download books from Bookshare and enjoy them in the format of your choice.
Improved heading detection will let you more efficiently skim through documents.
Place marking means that you'll never again lose your place in a long document or even a book.
You'll be able to import documents in popular formats; save them in the cloud; convert them to DAISY, MP3, or Braille; and access them from mobile devices using our iBlink Radio application, just as you can with documents that you scan. Supported formats will include ePub, Word documents, RTF, HTML, and plain text.
You'll be able to do OCR on images, such as JPEG, PNG, and GIF files, that you find online or receive by email.
Large PDF documents will be processed more efficiently than ever.
The Windows and Mac versions of DocuScan Plus will be much more consistent. You'll especially appreciate this if you're an assistive technology trainer.
If you use JAWS, Window-Eyes, or Hal, you'll have the option of using DocuScan Plus via your existing screen reader rather than putting your screen reader to sleep.
You can upgrade to the new version of DocuScan Plus for $149.00. We will release the new version in the middle of June. But if you upgrade between now and the end of May, you'll have a chance to beta-test the new version and provide feedback that will help shape the final product. So don't delay;
upgrade to the upcoming version of DocuScan Plus today.
You can also upgrade via the "My Account" section in your Serotek software.
Thanks for choosing Serotek products and services.
The Serotek Team

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darknexus Tuesday, 19-May-2015 3:33 PM ET:

With Serotek's past track record, count me out.

bluemike427 Wednesday, 20-May-2015 1:29 PM ET:

I have docuscan, and it works great for me. Excited for book share with Docuscan.

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