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Blind Bargains Qast 16: Purrfect Hot Donuts

The "Justice League" can't hold a candle to the podcasting might of our BBQ team this week. J.J. and Joe are joined by Chancy, Shelly and Ricky to bring you news and fun conversation that spans not just one week... Oh no! Nearly half of the year so far are summed up in our Discussion topic section. We also managed to cram in a tip plus your feedback and a meme-driven "Last Word".


This episode is brought to you by HIMS, who would like to remind you that "Your needs are our solutions". Check out the E-Bot Video Magnifier, the Blaze EZ reading solution, the new Smart Beetle Braille Display and more by visiting the HIMS website. Or, follow them on Twitter.

In The News:

ABC, the American Broadcasting Network, Adds Audio Described Content Available Via Apple TV

Talkback v4.2 Officially Released with Suspend Shortcut, Customized Gestures, and No More Circle

Korean Company Aims to Revolutionize Navigation with a Backpack, Camera, and $7,000 Tactile Display

Microsoft To Launch A Printer For Visually Impaired People Called Braigo 2.0

Windows 10 editions: Everything you need to know

TWIT's "Windows Weekly" delves into the multiple Windows 10 versions as well

National Braille Press Updates Braille Spelling Dictionary for UEB

Leasey update adds support for the National Library Service in the US within LeaseySearch.

Friend of the show, Michael Doise, is looking for Beta testers to assist with VO Starter

Wiley incorporates alt text to make content more accessible

Overview of MathML Accessibility

Coca-Cola Is Now Printing Cans and Bottles in Braille for Blind People

Tulane's Aaron Golub out to be 1st blind college football player

Discussion Topic: 2015 From Another Perspective

Sometimes the stars align and an idea said in a meeting becomes reality. 2015 is almost halfway over, yes the holiday music is about to make its way to shopping malls again soon, and we thought that we could revisit the top stories so far with some of our most popular panelists. And what better way to have Ricky Enger, Shelly Brizbin, and Chancey Fleet back than to get their opinions on the two previous quarters of news and entertainment. Do you agree with their take on the huge stories of the year so far? let us know by sending in an email to or leave us your thoughts in the comment section below the show notes.

Tip: Farkle Strategy

Yes, J.J. did it. A quick strategy session for another popular and addicting game. You can play Farkle lots of places including the QuentinC's playroom and RS Games. Or, get the Dice World app for Android or iOS.

Sound Off:

First up, two emails with a common theme.

"I just read your post about the Apple watch. This is the first article I read by you. It made me smile. I have however, listened to you since your days on I-blink radio. Thank you for your podcasts. Alie in Minneapolis"


"Hi Joe,
You do a great job on the new Blind Bargains podcast. I believe it is now called the BB Cast.
In the future, do you guys plan to expand the Blind Bargains audio to have a show all about Apple news and Apple products?
Thank you,
Ali Moosa"

We appreciate all of our listeners who have journeyed from elsewhere to join us on the BB Qast. It means the world to us to have so many come along with us as we explore something familiar, yet we hope new at the same time. We do not plan on any expansions beyond our little BBQ at the moment. However, we do plan to have some topic specific panels for summing up the events of Google i/o and Apple's WWDC. Next, a regular feedback contributor and a long time listener of our previous podcasting lives, Pam Francis.

"Hello Joe,
I caught the most recent podcast. Both of you are excellent interviewers.
With reference to Windows 10, I do not envy those AT companies attempting to keep up with all of the updates. . As I listened to the Windows weekly podcast, it didn't seem as though those on the panel knew how to deal with it either.
In your feedback, you had a gentleman who raised several questions about discrimination. I would like to expound on some of that if I may. I think you and I are of a similar age group. I am 59, will be 60 in September.
When I think back to the stereotypes cast upon me as a young child even through my teenage years into young adult hood as a blind person, fastforwarding into today; I feel less discriminated against now than I did then; that's for darn sure.
The word discrimination itself is relative. If someone is 5 feet 2, versus another person being 6 feet 4, is a grocery store supposed to lower its top shelf to the person who is 5 feet two in order to give them a quality shopping experience?
With the advent of technology at its rapid pace of development, we have been exposed to a world that we would never have dreamed of having exposure to as children. I remember all too well having to have volunteers reading my school material onto real to reel tapes while being mainstreamed into the public school system. There were also instances in college where I had to buy two of the same book in order to send one to recordings for the blind in order to have it read in order to make it through the class. Within that vein, at times I had to put up with mediocre reading.
I am in no way suggesting with current technology we have all we need.
Those who open themselves up as beta testers for the sake of accessibility as I have with my Google fiber service will blaze a trail for everyone else. We in some ways as an accessibility challenged community, need to embrace an opportunity as guinea pigs for the benefit of everyone else.

As we progress with technology, our needs for accessibility will also progress. It's all about how we approach those we are asking of to make their products or services accessible. Those who choose to whine and complain, rather than giving concrete reasons for why A given feature is needed in whatever instance, will make it harder for all of us.

Pam Francis"

Lastly, from Twitter in response to a "Last Word" story in episode 15, another who has a literary extrasensory experience.

@yourchangeling: I have synesthesia. Words have textures, shapes and sometimes smells.

Last Word

This week the internet brings us cats, a "how to" and food. In other words, a typical reading session for the average world wide web citizen.
Rescue cat Merlin sets new world record for loudest purr
At last, there's a scientifically proven way to get a song out of your head
Krispy Kreme's new app tells you when donuts are fresh out of the oven

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Joe Steinkamp is no stranger to the world of technology, having been a user of video magnification and blindness related electronic devices since 1979. Joe has worked in radio, retail management and Vocational Rehabilitation for blind and low vision individuals in Texas. He has been writing about the A.T. Industry for 15 years and podcasting about it for almost a decade.

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