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Popular Game Developer Jim Kitchen Dies at 58

Jim Kitchen, one of the most prolific developers of free audio games for DOS and Windows, has died. He was 58. For nearly as long as there has been accessible Windows computers, Jim Kitchen through his Kitchens Inc. website has provided a daunting supply of free games to pass the time or otherwise entertain. Among his most popular were his rendition of golf, which included an editor to create custom golf courses, and Monopoly, his take on the classic board game.

From Las Vegas titles to sports games, many timeless classics received the Jim Kitchen treatment. Kitchen has been creating and posting games since 1995, when the first DOS titles were released. From the random commercials in baseball to the sporadic Homer Simpsons quotes in many of his titles, his games always came with a bit of character. These were programs that were simple to learn, and a great way to teach computers or just kill a Sunday afternoon. We've linked to the complete obituary and you can post your comments and memories below.

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JohnnyDRadio Friday, 07-Aug-2015 4:32 PM ET:

I have spoke with this great man several times on the phone. Even though we never hugn out we spent a lot of time talking on the phone. He was who got me interested in learning to program and gave me the spirrit to do it. He made great games and he will be dearly missed. One of his best games ever was golf. Me and so many others would play that game all the time at for the people. Many hours of laughs and good times all do to a game he created. He brung great intertainment to many people. Jim you will be missed in many ways and we love you man. Now you can watch over us and lift us up when were down.

dougo1983 Friday, 07-Aug-2015 7:16 PM ET:

Jim was a wonderful man who made a bunch of great games. Will his syte remain up as a legacy? this saddens me to hear this.

jrimer Friday, 07-Aug-2015 7:59 PM ET:

I was emailing Jim just this past week about some ideas which he said he'd think of. Baseball could use a pitch count, and he said he'd think about it. I think I sent an E-mail just the other day as well about an idea I had for another one of his titles. He sure had some good ones.

themusicman08 Friday, 07-Aug-2015 8:32 PM ET:

I remember back in 2003 when a friend of mine had gotten me into computers and I had been told about Jim's site. i would play the DOS games, and Windows games. You will be truly missed Jim.

Turner42 Monday, 10-Aug-2015 12:18 PM ET:

Jim was a great guy and a great programmer. He was also a pretty darn good chess player. We played via Email for about 10 years. My favorite game is Baseb all. I was deeply touch and honored when he asked me to record some wave files when he added the umpire calls at each base. I had encouraged Jim to see about getting his games designed for the iOS platform. He was open to doing that, but needed someone to do that side of the work. Sadly, that never happened. I still enjoy playing Baseball, Golf and Puppy1. Jim, you will be missed.

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