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Chinese Inventors Aim to Help the Blind Brush their Teeth Independently

Have you ever had problems holding a toothbrush, or squeezing the toothpaste in the correct direction? Some enterprising inventors from China have tackled this supposed problem with a special toothbrush for the blind. It includes guides to ensure that a blind person is correctly applying toothpaste to the toothbrush, and the toothbrush is facing in the correct direction.

Here's the patent abstract, translated from Chinese, courtesy of Google:

The utility model discloses a special toothbrush for the blind. The special toothbrush comprises a toothbrush wall and a toothbrush head. The toothbrush wall is provided with a braille holding area, and the toothbrush head is provided with a braille toothpaste squeezing area. The special toothbrush is reasonable in structure, is specially used for tooth brushing by the blind and guarantees that the blind hold the toothbrush to enable the toothbrush head to be opposite to themselves so as to squeeze the toothpaste; and the blind are simultaneously reminded of squeezing the toothpaste in a right area.

You can read the complete patent here. Thanks to Ka for the tip.

Source: Google Patents
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serrebi Monday, 21-Sep-2015 09:25 AM ET:

Feels like a patent squatters patent since I learned to brush my teeth quite quickly.

darknexus Tuesday, 22-Sep-2015 7:23 PM ET:

What is it with all these ridiculous devices coming out of the far east? Sheesh.

vigal Sunday, 11-Oct-2015 01:35 AM ET:

I agree I can brush my teeth just fine. I don't need any special devices.

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