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The Apple Rundown: The iPhone 7 Is Only 11 Months Away Edition

So you updated all the iDevices to iOS 9.02, the Macs all have OS 10.11 downloading, and you just unsubscribed from Apple Music. With all that done, and no new Apple TV to buy just yet,
what is an Apple fanboy or fangirl to do? I mean we are still like six months away from a second version of the Apple timepiece and only a short 11 months before we know all about the iPhone 7 through all the rumor sites. Dark days my friends are now upon us... dark days indeed. I guess we'll just have to pass the time with a metric ton of information, tip articles and those odd Apple related stories we find in the Apple Rundown.


Believe it or not, and it is said every year so how could you ever doubt it, but Apple sold a lot of iPhones at the 3-day mark of the unit's launch.
Despite some in the review landscape being semi disappointed by the chunkier nature of the second version of the iPhone 6 series, not that reviewers have an "Apple Bias" or nothin', sales seem to be muchly empowered by the growing Chinese market. Or, it was the Rose Gold because "Gold is best".
Here is a collection of iPhone related links for the ones who have updated to the latest and for those who must wait.
The iPhone 6s outperforms the 2015 MacBook in some tests, which says a lot about the iPad Pro
With the iPhone 6S, Apple has increased the iPhone's RAM for the first time since 2012
Apple's iPhone LTE page is revised. AT&T has its own models. Other US + foreign carriers (except China) share models.
Apple spends just $234 making each iPhone 6s
The new iPhone is environmentally friendly, Apple says
Chipworks: Both Samsung and TSMC are making the A9 chip for Apple
Samsung-produced A9 processor is 10% smaller than TSMC's
Samsung trolled the iPhone 6s launch in an effort to make Apple fans look stupid
iPhone 6S BEND TEST, Scratch test, Burn test
First iPhone 6S bend test shows it doesn't bend much at all
Is the iPhone 6s secretly waterproof?
Apple iPhone 6s vs iPhone 6s Plus Water Test! Is it secretly waterproof? A waterproof review.
iPhone 6S offers relatively carefree fixes, repair site says
Should Apple discontinue the 16GB iPhone?
Why Some Left-Handed People Are Having Big Problems With the iPhone
Imore's Ultimate iPhone 6s Guide
iPhone 6s vs. iPhone 6s Plus: Digital and Optical Image Stabilization at 4K:
Smartphone camera shootout: how the iPhone 6S Plus takes on the competition
Make your selfies bigger, brighter, and more magical than ever with iPhone 6s.
4K video has four times the pixels of 1080p, for greater potential, flexibility, and fun!
Apple discontinues AppleCare+ bundles for the iPhone and Apple Watch
Be sure you understand the fine print on Apple's iPhone Upgrade Program, says @maggie_reardon
Apple could trap you forever with its new upgrade program
Apple might finally let you delete apps that come with the iPhone
Here s why you can t delete native iOS apps from your iPhone
11 things you need to stop doing with your iPhone

iOS 9 ... .01 ... ok 9.02

Good grief the times they are a'changin'. So much for talk that Apple moves slowly on putting out fixes and patches. Just keep that in mind when you read all the stories below. I.E. check the date on them to see if the information listed has been, or will be, updated soon. Perhaps .03? Also, be sure to visit Apple Vis and nab Shelly Brizbin's book on iOS 9.
And, for everything not A.T. related, don't forget iMore.

iOS 9, thoroughly reviewed
48,000 word iOS 9 reviews? Tech journalism has lost its mind
A Quick Look at Apple iOS 9: Since
iOS 9 on the iPhone 4S: A stay of execution, nothing more
iOS 9 on the iPad 2: Not worse than iOS 8, but missing many features
What s New in iOS 9 for Braille Display Users
iOS9's Mainstream Features from a VoiceOver User's Perspective
Multitasking with iPad VoiceOver and iOS 9
HandsFree: Mastering Switch Control on iOS, by @iAmMaccing & @_luisfperez
Apple admits iCloud problem has killed iOS 9 'app slicing'
Apple customers report devices crashing on iOS 9 update via @YahooNews
iOS 9's WiFi Assist is killing your data plan
How to improve network performance on your iPhone and iPad with Wi-Fi Assist on iOS 9
Apps need updates to use iOS 9's best features. Here are the best apps updated so far:
Here's a guide to tweaking just about everything in iOS 9.
Here are the 20 new settings in iOS 9 that you should know
17 tiny iOS 9 tricks everyone should know
After months of iOS 9 testing, @settern picked 20 tiny tidbits she still loves and uses daily.
Not digging all of iOS 9's new features? Here's how to turn off the annoying new stuff:
Live Photos give you more than a moment frozen in time, they give you a moment of motion and sound brought back to life.
If iOS 9 isn't giving you the battery life you expected, here's how to troubleshoot it!
How to get rid of iOS 9's lowercase keyboard
Hate the little key pop-ups on the iPhone keyboard? You can finally turn them off in iOS 9:
How to Check Bluetooth Headphone Battery Status Using iOS 9
iOS 9 s Facedown Detection disables always-on Hey Siri on iPhone 6s
iOS 9 finally gives you the option to change video recording quality:
You can now reply to tweets from the notifications center in iOS 9
Have iOS 9? Here's how to set up the content blocker of your choice on your iPhone or iPad.
Apple s HomeKit vision looks good in iOS 9 (but few people would know it)


There was a time not so long ago, remember the "year 2000"?, when Apple poked the eye of Microsoft with the old "security through obscurity" doctrine. Well, those days are gone. Way gone. In this section we'll see the largest list of stories dedicated to security I've harvested yet in any of my current or previous blog posts or podcast show notes. It isn't time for a Douglas Adams Don't Panic" exactly. However, when people put out million-dollar bounties on Apple products... um, some worry might be kinda called for possibly.
Drop-dead simple exploit completely bypasses Mac s malware Gatekeeper
Sneaky adware caught accessing users Mac Keychain without permission
Attacks accessing Mac keychain without permission date back to 2011
Safari address-spoofing bug could be used in phishing, malware attacks
"Protecting Your Mac From Malware and Viruses"
Novel Malware XcodeGhost Modifies Xcode, Infects Apple iOS Apps and Hits App Store
Apple Confirms Discovery of Malicious Code in Some App Store Products
Apple scrambles after 40 malicious XcodeGhost apps haunt App Store
Apple names top 25 apps infected by XcodeGhost as most estimates reach four figures
Apple XcodeGhost Malware More Malicious Than Originally Reported
Apple Cleaning Up App Store After Its First Major Attack
iOS 9 breaks VPNs, prevents server access for many
AirDrop vulnerability is the best reason yet to upgrade to iOS 9
Apple mitigates but doesn't fully fix critical iOS Airdrop vulnerability
How hackers can access iPhone contacts and photos without a password
Unmanaged Apple devices are a liability for corporations
Apple attends 'spy summit' to discuss data privacy, mass surveillance issues
Apple wants to redesign the mobile hotspot
Apple Targeted in new Patent Lawsuit Covering iCloud Computing Encryption
"iTunes 12.3 arrives with two-factor authentication."
Apple Is Looking At Facial Recognition For Easing Photo-Sharing
Apple Blows Up The Concept Of A Privacy Policy
Apple refreshes its Privacy Policy to make it easier for you to digest

Apple Music And Apple TV

I'll be honest. Both topics on their own do not a section make. Together, ah ha!, they form a decent-sized collection of links. My excuse is that Apple Music is coming to Apple TV. Yeah, I said it. Stop judging the section quotas. Stop it I say!
Apple TV and voice control: What Siri does that other set-top boxes don't
Apple TV drops optical audio-out: How to pump up the volume again.
New Apple TV supports Bluetooth headphones, speakers
Games for the new Apple TV can't require a third-party controller
Apple TV games now must support that button-free touchpad remote
How the new Apple TV turns on your TV, switches inputs and controls volume
Apple pulls iFixit's app from iOS store after it published new Apple TV teardown
Apple Music For Android Beta Invites Spotted In The Wild
Apple Music Trials end
Apple takes us on a guided tour through Apple Music with new videos

The Competition

Business is just business right? you can call out another operating system for being a Toxic Hell Stew" and you can do a little Apple picking in your product demonstrations. It's all good. All is fair when you enter the Holiday Buying Thunderdome after all. Except that kind of thinking doesn't help link bait headlines nor hurt counter-marketing spinmeisters. Take a glance at the pot shots and sucker punches between frenemies and foes.
Apple repackaged an existing Android app to make 'Move to iOS' -
Hands-on: Jump the fence with Apple s Move to iOS Android app
Apple's Move app makes it easy to #SwitchToiPhone and @derekakessler shows you how!
An Android perspective on Apple's new Play Store app
Apple's First Android App, Move To iOS, Is Getting Killed With One-Star Reviews
Android users are more loyal than their iOS counterparts, data shows
Apple Acquires Mapsense, a Mapping Visualization Startup
Apple buys 11 map startups -- but still trails Google
Apple Maps vs. Google Maps heats up as Apple shuts down HopStop
Android Wear on iOS: A hobbled, Google-centric smartwatch experience
Apple, Google, and Microsoft are all solving the same problems
Welcome to hell: Apple vs. Google vs. Facebook and the slow death of the web
After a month, Windows 10 is already more widespread than OS X Yosemite
Apple hire of Microsoft HoloLens engineer fuels speculation as it plans AR features for iOS 9
Office 2016 for Mac now available as stand-alone software for $149
Apple and Cisco announce enterprise software partnership
Apple s Force Touch is Already Patented by BlackBerry
Foxconn reportedly interested in buying Sharp s LCD business with an investment from Apple
Netflix adds in-app subscriptions for iPhone and iPad
Apple could learn something from Amazon's new tablet for tots
Apple meets California officials to discuss self-driving car
Apple's 'Project Titan' car initiative negatively impacting Tesla's product development, source says
Apple Speeds Up Electric-Car Work
The Apple Effect, an age-old phenomenon of the tech industry, is bleeding over to cars
Apple will ask Supreme Court to hear its ebooks price-fixing case
Apple wins appeals court ruling that may require Samsung to change its devices
Did Apple Inc. Just Save Best Buy Co. Inc?

That is it for now. But by no means did I 3d Touch on everything. Next time we'll delve into Ad Blockers, more tips and even spend some time on iPad. Plus, there will be more on OS 10.11 as people review the new operating system and find the Voiceover bugs. If you have a story, a tip or a suggestion for the Apple Rundown, drop it in the comments section below or write us at the BBQ email

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