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Blind Arduino Blog Aims to Become Repository for Blind Makers and Tinkerers

Researcher and inventor Joshua Miele has launched a collaborative blog to aid in the development of accessible resources based on the Arduino platform. Arduino is an open-source platform aimed at electronics enthusiasts who wish to build digital devices and objects that interact with or control sensors or objects. One might build a robot, thermostat, motion detector, or scientific measurement devices with an Arduino board and programming tools. The blog aims to create a resource which would aid blind builders and tinkerers to accessibly and independently create projects and program the boards.
Here's an excerpt from the initial blog post. "With the advent of open-source, relatively standardized, microprocessor-based project kits like Arduino, the kinds of devices that can be built by the casual maker at home have become quite sophisticated. In fact, Arduino is an ideal platform for creating a variety of accessibility devices which blind makers and users might find useful. For example Arduino would be perfect for building tools like audio and tactile meters and gauges which could be driven by any manner of sensors and detectors. From accessible scales to timers, range finders, multimeters and beyond, Arduino could make it relatively easy to design and share accessible tools which can be endlessly modified, adapted, and improved to meet a wide range of applications and needs."

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Bhavya Shah Thursday, 19-Nov-2015 09:46 AM ET:

I find this a great step. Having personally participated in the World Robotics Olympiad, although we had to build mostly out of Lego, for the competition, I did understand and perceive the power and versatility of Arduino. I am looking forward to more visually impaired inventors and robot makers coming up as a result of this Blind Arduino blog initiative.

ClaytonJacobs Monday, 23-Nov-2015 12:30 PM ET:

While this concept is cool, I am frustrated by the inaccessibility of blogging sites. I have yet to find an accessible blogging platform. Reddit has visual captchas that make posting impossible, Wordpress is a nightmare to navigate, and I can't even get past Tumblr's sign up process. How can we create blogs when no accessible forum exists?

@BerkeleyBlink Wednesday, 06-Jan-2016 02:41 AM ET:

Hi! Sorry I missed this when it was fresh! We are using for the Blind Arduino Blog. It is far from friendly, but I find it reasonably usable with Firefox, NVDA, and a few work-arounds. Best of luck. J.J.: Thanks for the post! The Blind Arduino Blog is gathering steam – if you haven't been back for a while, check out our latest posts:

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