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Webvisum CAPTCHA Solver returns to Firefox

James Scholes, the creator of Codex, announced on Twitter the availability of a newly signed version of the Firefox extension called Webvisum. Webvisum has been a service which, among other things, allows for the solving of captchas on forms and in other places on the web. It works with Firefox for Windows only, and has been free ever since its first release.

Unfortunately, as of the end of 2015, the extension no longer functioned in the latest builds of the Firefox browser. Users could continue running the old version of Firefox and use the extension, but would be at risk of losing significant security updates from Mozilla. Mr. Scholes has created a newly signed version, which will now work with the newest releases of Firefox. You can download it from this link Mr. Scholes wishes to make it clear that he has no affiliation with the Webvisum Project, but that the version of the extension has gone through Mozilla's official signing process. This extension is free, like the older version of it was, and you will still be using Webvisum's servers. Your account information will still be valid if you had previously signed up for an account. When I installed the extension, I also was not required to even sign back in, even though I removed my previous installation of the Webvisum extension.


The best way to get this working on your system is to navigate to the link above and press your Applications key or Shift f10. Choose to save link as, and download it like you would any other file. After downloading and saving it to your specific location, launch Firefox and press control O to open a file. Browse to the download, and press enter on it. Following the prompts, and then restarting Firefox, should have you running Webvisum successfully just like before.

If the above process does not work, it is likely because the older version of the Webvisum extension was previously disabled by Firefox, as it has not undergone the official signing process linked to above. If this is the case, open Firefox and press Alt T for the Tools menu,, followed by selecting "add-ons" by pressing enter. Then, press tab to get to the list view for the various types of add ons, and press you re up or down arrow to find "extensions. Then, press tab until you reach the list of add ons installed on your version of Firefox. Arrow down to Webvisum, then press shift f10, or your applications key to launch the context menu. Arrow down to remove and press enter.

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darknexus Friday, 15-Apr-2016 11:46 AM ET:

It would seem, though, that the servers are still unmaintained as of yet. Would that be correct? There are quite a few newer CAPTCHAs I've found that it won't recognize properly.

charlsdarwin1 Friday, 22-Apr-2016 10:04 PM ET:

Thanks for all the people who have done efforts for this revive file. With this we are again able to solve captchas

Ron C Sunday, 23-Apr-2017 12:33 AM ET:

Hi Group, This add on (Webvisum) has worked great for well over a year until the latest version of Firefox 53.x. Since then, it will not work and I have noticed that when I try entering my data again, that the user name appears but my password is not present. When I enter it and try clicking OK, the dialogue freezes. The OK will not activate and save the settings. I can click cancel and return to the main window, but the add on won't work. I have of course uninstalled and reinstalled and the results are the same. If anyone knows what is going on would they please respond to my e-mail at Thanks in advance.

AntCpt admin Friday, 28-Jul-2017 08:54 AM ET:

Hello! Not sure if you read this but we've developed a better extension for Chrome and Firefox. It's called AntiCaptcha automatic captcha solver and here is the website where you can find info about it and download it . Benefits are: 1) It does solve Recaptcha 2 (I'm not a robot captcha) as well as regular image captchas, which WebVisum can't do; 2) It's not free, but it's almost ten times cheaper than competitors like Rumola. 1,2 $ for regular image captchas and 2-3$ for Recaptcha; 3) It has functional similar to WebVisum. When you press CTRL+SHIFT+6 being on input field it finds a closest CAPTCHA and automatically solves it; 4) It has sound notifications; 5) We communicate with visually impaired and blind people and follow their needs to make our product better! And you can try it for free now. If you install it in Chrome you'll get 5 free captchas. P.S. Of course there is a lot of things to do to make out product perfect but we are trying to do our best!

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