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Blind Bargains Qast 66: Far Flung Future Stuff

Ok, we'll say this right up front, with Apple mania and a huge AT buyout, this show took a bit of time to produce because there was so much to cover this week. We even brought in Mike Doise to help us sort it all out. plus, if that wasn't enough, we have a demo of a new Bluetooth keyboard from A T Guys as well. Throw in a tip, "Sound Off" and "Last Word". no more complaints for a few weeks about a slow news week. Because this one is going to be epic!

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our thoughts and prayers are with those who were impacted by the tragedy in Orlando Florida. please remember that you can help those who are in need during events like this by donating to the Red Cross.

In The Only News In The News Section This Week:

Breaking: VFO Group, owners of Freedom Scientific and Optelec, Acquires AI Squared

Geoffray: I'm putting everything I have into this venture and I wouldn't do that if I didn't believe in it.

Also, shortly after we recorded this episode, FSCast Episode 127 - Jonathan Mosen speaks with David Wu

Discussion Topic: WWDC 2016

Apple held its annual Developers shindig this week and there was just a smidgen of stuff to talk about. We bounce from subject to subject throughout this portion of the show. However, we generally covered the stories listed below.

WWDC Video Released to the Public Unveils new Accesibility Features

Apple Vis: Summary of WWDC 2016: Year of the Software

Accessibility at WWDC: Dwell Control, Taptic Time, Software TTY, and More

ATU264 Puffin Joystick and What do iOS 10, Mac OS, TV OS, and Watch OS mean for people with disabilities?

OS X is now macOS and gets support for Siri, auto unlock and more

Apple will update tvOS with Sling, sports, apps, and more in the fall

watchOS 3.0 promises faster app loads, better navigation, and more

iMore's iOS 10 FAQ

Hidden iOS 10 features Apple didn t show us

Big, bold, and beautiful: Apple's design language is changing in iOS 10

Apple unbundles its native apps like Mail, Maps, Music and more, puts them in the App Store

Mossberg: Apple is still a world of its own

Editorial: iOS 10 is Apple s not-so-secret love letter to Android

How Apple can detect objects in your photos without creeping your data

This is what Apple s differential privacy means for iOS 10

The abilities and limitations of SiriKit, Siri s olive branch to other apps

Apple introduces Swift Playgrounds app that teaches kids to code

Minor Discussion: Xbox E3 2016

Mike and Joe are gamers with talking Xbox Ones. So it was almost assured, and came as no surprise to J.J., that they would hijack some show time to briefly mention a few Xbox stories that happened on the same day as the Apple keynote.

Microsoft announces the Xbox One S, its smallest Xbox yet

Xbox Play Anywhere lets you play select games across Xbox One and Windows 10

A T Guys New Product Demonstration: Matias Wireless Aluminum Bluetooth Keyboard

People have been requesting a full-size Bluetooth keyboard option form A T Guys for a long time, and now there is a new model that we feel delivers on many fronts. J.J. demonstrates this new full-size keyboard which includes a numpad, can connect to up to 4 devices simultaneously, and features up to one year of battery life.

Tip: How To Run ZoomText Fusion As ZoomText magnifier Or Magnifier/Screen Reader

The latest version of Fusion lets you take ZT back to its earlier days. This is great for those who aren't ready to use Fusion full time yet or for those Assistive Technology Trainers wanting to have access to all three versions on one system. With Fusion installed, simply bring up the user Interface, then choose Settings. From there select "Run ZoomText As". You will see a box with three options. Choose one of the two versions of ZoomText you are not currently running. Then click the restart button at the bottom right of the box and ZoomText will return in the version you selected. no restart of Windows needed.
If you would like to know more, or want to take on a demo, head on over to the Ai Squared website.

Sound off

it's an "All Email" kind of week for this episode. First, here is long time listener Beth.

"Hey and welcome to being a senior now, lol, well that really started at show #55, ha ha! Really enjoyed the B2G segment, how about having Scott do one on the BrailleNote Touch? Your Echo tip was great too. Keep up the awesome work! Beth."

We will see what we can do. but don't forget we had a good look at it at CSUN earlier this year.

next, an email from Lynn:

very much enjoying #65! Happy to say I, too, have no idea from Game of Thrones--so no worries. :)

Hope Scott was able to get the B2G up and running again.

I see Patrick is truly enjoying the misspelled word sound from NVDA!
Lynnette Tatum

True, and to be fair, we are at Patrick's tender mercies. lastly, here is an email from Mary Emerson.

"I have a couple comments that might be helpful. I've had a B2G for about a month.

My first suggestion is that the tab key combination, space plus dots 4 and 5 for forward tab, or space plus dots 1 and 2 for back tab, often work much better than up and down arrows. Tab lets you move from one item to another on menus and the home screen.

Also, to reboot, you don't have to shut down the device; just press space plus the forward and backward keys, which are the square buttons to the right and left of the routing buttons, which are above the Braille display; this is a much easier way to reboot than doing a reset or powering down and powering up again.

I hope this helps somebody out there."

Last Word

This video might be one of our faves of the year because it hits on so many presentation tropes...
Every TED Talk Ever

Whew! That one was just crazy. And we only have one more regular show to go before convention season starts. Looks like we are in for a crazy time!

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Joe Steinkamp is no stranger to the world of technology, having been a user of video magnification and blindness related electronic devices since 1979. Joe has worked in radio, retail management and Vocational Rehabilitation for blind and low vision individuals in Texas. He has been writing about the A.T. Industry for 15 years and podcasting about it for almost a decade.

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