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After Closing the Free Upgrade to Windows 10 for Mainstream Users, Microsoft Delivers on Promise to AT Users

As promised, Microsoft is still allowing people who use any form of assistive technology to upgrade to Windows 10 for free. At this stage, no verification that you are indeed running assistive technology on your computer is required.
Microsoft has said that there is no defined end date to the availability of the Windows 10 free upgrade extension. The program does not require you to use a specific type of hardware or software, and on the FAQ, they even say that if you plan to purchase a third party AT solution in the future, you would still qualify.

Windows 10 has released it's Anniversary update, which includes numerous improvements to accessibility. Microsoft still encourages its users to consult with their AT vendors before upgrading to Windows 10. Follow the source link to learn more, or to begin the upgrade process.

Source: Windows 10 upgrade for assistive technology users
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darknexus Tuesday, 02-Aug-2016 6:16 PM ET:

But if someone didn't want it before, they won't want it now either. It's not really much different. Sure the start menu's nicer, and there is some very little accessibility progress in Microsoft Edge. But overall, it's the same buggy system we had yesterday.

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