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HIMS Releases Firmware Update for U2 Customers, Older Customers: there's an update for you too

Hims Inc, has released an upgrade to its firmware for the U2 line of notetakers. This update includes some bug fixes and also introduces 2 new features.

The first new feature is called ""VNC Mode
". This mode allows a user of the VNC viewer app found on iOS as well as on Android to view what is on the screen of your HIMS Notetaker by connecting to it remotely. More info about how to use this new feature can be found in the built-in Help feature on the U2, under the "Utilities" section. Appropriately enough, you will also find VNC Mode in the Utilities menu of the U2

The other new feature is called "Math Symbol Select". This feature allows you to select any math symbol in UEB or Nemeth math, after finding it in online help. Once that has been done, press ENTER on the symbol to have it inserted into a document.

I reported in July that HIMS was no longer actively developing firmware for the older Sense notetakers. However, they have released a patch for version 8.5 restoring access to some email providers for Voice Sense customers along with restoring access to the Bookshare application. There is no active article listing the announcement of the patch for older Braille Sense products, so the email that has been distributed on several mailing lists has been included below for your convenience.

the Announcement for Older Notetakers

HIMS is pleased to announce the availability of patch firmware for all our notetaker models to ensure everyone is able to access and use the functions for which our notetakers were created.
Voice sense:
While we will not provide general upgrades to the Voice sense models, we do have patch firmware that both fixes the BookShare app and includes fixes for the various e-mail providers that were broken during the last cycle due to changes in provider security.
Offline upgrades for Voice Sense and Voice Sense QWERTY models can be found below:
Voice sense:
Voice sense QWERTY:
Older Braille Sense models:
The following are offline upgrade links for a firmware patch of 8.5 to fix the bookShare app in Braille Sense PLUS, Braille Sense PLUS QWERTY, and Braille Sense OnHand:
Braille Sense PLUS QWERTY:
Braille Sense PLUS:
Braille Sense OnHand:

Source: HIMS
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