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Blind Bargains Qast 75: Too Much Math

We've hit the lull between tech giant events. We'll attempt to fill that void by asking Patrick a whole lot of questions about his new iPhone. There is some news, "Sound Off', "Last Word" and a special tip from Shelly Brizbin too. But we're killing time this week until we unleash our thoughts upon the Googleplex event coverage in episode 76. Our poor, poor wallets!

In The News:

HIMS Releases Firmware Update for U2 Customers, Older Customers: there's an update for you too

Not Feeling so Touchy? You Can Experience the Apex of the Situation for Slightly Less

Bookshare Reaches a Milestone, 10 Million Accessible Ebooks Downloaded

Apple Rundown: The Scratched Jet Black Edition

Discussion Topic: iPhone 7 Hands On

Patrick has that phone you have heard so much about for the last month. J.J. and Joe get his thoughts on the new Home Button, the Lightning Headphones and the dongle that comes along inside the box. He also gives us some insight on the 7's audio quality in the new stereo mode and how some iPhone cases are not created equal.

Tip: Trashing iOS 10 Mail

The new Mail app in iOS 10 has some odd little quirks. Take, for example, that "Archive" bit, which used to just give you the option of sending it all to Trash. Well, unlike most changes Apple makes, you can revert to classic behavior and get your discarded emails to go to the Trash area. Shelly will show you how in this tip. To learn more helpful tips, like this one and others she has mentioned on BBQ, snag a copy of the updated "iOS Access For All" book.

Sound Off:

Long time listener CW left us some thoughts on the new iPhone in our comments section of episode 74:

"I like some of the features in the iPhone 7, but like of a headphone jack removed the temptation of returning my 6s. Yes, I wish I weighted a week or two before upgrading from my Nokia 6620 to my iPhone, but when I upgraded, I wanted a phone that I had a really good idea that it would work for me. Sometimes though, I wish I checked out android a little bit better. The thing there was my lack of knowledge on what phone had the best accessibility out of the box, and how I would go about setting it up without sight. To me, setting a phone up without sight is a must. Also, I had an lot of apps on IOS. So, there was a bit of lock in there too. How many are just afraid to try android? A few try it of course but still. There really does seem to be the iPhone default for people I run into myself. Apple is sort of known for having accessibility type stuff in their products, but android does seem to get left out some in that department. The little bit I am hearing is that android just hasn't caught up to apple. My question is, how close are they? I am thinking myself that I might be tempted by android in about two years or so if the accessibility is there. Hopefully, I will know by then exactly what I want out of a smart phone. There really need to be some more competing in their area. Then again, that might come down to the chicken and egg thing. You know the question of what came first. Now to get down to the headphone thing. I am thinking about the word courage and how it was so close to September 11. That has to hurt them a little, but will the camera feature balance that out? How will their sells look in a month or two? Will the lack of headphone jack hurt sells any? I wonder how many IPhone sevens will break. This wall garden does not seem all that nice after you have been in it for a while does it? That is unless you like the weight it is. In a year or two, the headphone jack may be mute to me. Android may be more accessible, and or I would know more about it. The fact that apple has been the first to add accessibility to smart phones out of the box has to be the main or one of the reasons why people may not even think about switching. Sort of reminds me of the whole JAWS verses NVDA thing. That of course makes me wonder where things will be in a year or two. Sorry for going on endlessly. I would not blame anyone for shortening this up any. Then again, this does look a lot like what I heard on this vary podcast. Oops. Sorry for any copying I may had done. Just wanted to put my thoughts down and maybe share them. LOL."

Greg sent along this email about Zoom and iOS.

"Hi again guys. How about a tip someday on how to use zoom in conjunction with vice over in ios? I've read this can be done but cannot find info anywhere on what gestures yo need to use to work this, I've lseen lots of post of people asking for help with this but never see any good answers. Do you guys have the skinny on this? thanks, Greg Austin "

If you haven't already done so, another shameless plug for our BBQ Regular, Shelly covers both pretty well in her iOS Access book. We'll have to see if we can get her to talk about a dual use thing in the future though.

Eric sends along this email...

Let me guess another android user going on about Apple products.
Funny how very little or at all is said about the line up of people at a Samsung store going to buy an exploding product, but heh that's how android users roll.
Please tell me I'm wrong

Sent from my iPhone"

Joe, J.J. and Patrick have been discussing all manner of tech for more than six years. And yes, they might have produced a show all about Android access for half a decade. However, each owns Apple and Android products. BBQ tries to land the tech we talk about in house, or we enlist the help of someone who does own the tech when we can, as we think this adds more to the discussion of the day. Not only that, but it helps to live in an ecosystem if you want to be critical of that platform. There aren't too many technologies out there that could be associated with us and the term "fanboys", although we do acknowledge that our familiarity of one system might dwarf the other sometimes due to our past experiences. In other words, we'll be just as critical of Google on episode 76 as we were with Apple on episode 74.

Last Word:

Music once again finds a way into the "Last Word".

It Only Takes Six Seconds To Hear The World's Most Sampled Song
Secret Hack To Get Headphone Jack on the iPhone 7 and please don't try this one at home.
New Google phones? New On Hub Router? Rebranded digital assistants? We'll talk all that, and probably more, in our next show featuring the fall product announcements from the G Team.

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Bargain Hound Tuesday, 04-Oct-2016 6:33 PM ET:

Please explain on a podcast why at least one of you, Patrick, doesn't like blue tooth. Never on any AppleVis podcast have I heard someone's blue tooth Braille display or keyboard disconnect unless the presenter did so voluntarily. Thanks. Beth

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Joe Steinkamp is no stranger to the world of technology, having been a user of video magnification and blindness related electronic devices since 1979. Joe has worked in radio, retail management and Vocational Rehabilitation for blind and low vision individuals in Texas. He has been writing about the A.T. Industry for 15 years and podcasting about it for almost a decade.

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