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Blind Bargains Qast 81: Everything Is Awesome

Turkey and stuffing are right around the corner. So why not have some good comfort food for the ears as well? this episode features the second portion of our interview with the delightful Ginny Owens. Along with that, there are the usual suspects like Sound Off", the "Last Word" and J.J. with a Mac tip of all things.

In The News:

Okay Google Find Me First Impressions of Google Home

BrailleNote Touch 2.0 is here: but It's Not a Hardware Upgrade

Audio Game Hub - Keep your ears wide open

Horus wearable helps the blind navigate, remember faces and read books

How a Wearable Device May Help the Blind Navigate the World Like a Video Game

VizLens An Interactive Smartphone App for the Blind

The AFB VisionConnect App Now On android

A Blind Woman Enters Victoria Secret

Another great resource about style is the Fashionability Channel

Interview: Ginny Owens Part 2

We bring you the second part of our interview with singer Ginny Owens this week with discussions about Braille Music and giving back to those in need. Ginny's new album is called "Love Be The Loudest" and it will debut on iTunes November 18th. If you have enjoyed these interviews, and have ideas about where Ginny can help others through her music and outreach, write her at

Tip: Is my Mac on yet?

You may have heard that the beloved, or at least iconic, Mac chime has been removed beginning with 2016 editions of the device. Fear not though, because you can reenable it with the following command.
Open Terminal, found in Applications, Utilities or by simply typing Terminal in spotlight search. Once Terminal is open, enter the following:
sudo nvram BootAudio=%01

Sound Off:

Ali asked us about our approach to the big event wrap up shows;

"Hi Joe,
I really enjoy the format that you guys have going for the Blind Bargains show.
When you guys cover Apple events, do you guys usually provide a bit of a mainstream perspective along with an accessibility perspective?
It's generally a lot of articles, I like to listen to the show and your perspectives, and I like the Maccessibility show as well. You guys cover what I am going to need to know, it can be a mess following all the articles. Thanks for what you do.
Hope to hear from you soon,
Thank you,
Ali Moosa""

A lot of time goes into the show prep on a big tech event. We watch the event, we read all those articles in show notes and we might even revisit our conversations from prior episodes to see if there was a pattern emerging from event's past. Joe tends to drive the mainstream talk while J.J. is the conversation starter for an A.T. perspective normally. However, if you listen carefully, those roles may change if one of us feels strongly about a particular feature. We do not plan that out, we prefer not to discuss the event before we record, so what you hear is truly a spur of the moment discussion.

Next, Charlie writes in about food delivery.

"Dear Joe and JJ:

This is Charlie Alvarez in Miami Florida with a website recommendation which I found when I was searching in Google for home delivery of groceries and supermarket products. I came across two sites, one called Delivery Squad and the other called Grocery Taxi. Both sites provide home delivery of products for a fee; however, I could not find information as to whether they are services available nationwide or if they are local. Have either one of you heard of Delivery Squad or Grocery Taxi?


Keep up the great work on the BBQ podcast. I listen to it every week and depend on the information you provide about not just assistive technology, but also about main-stream products and services."

Uber eats, Seamless, Eat 24, Postmates and Grub Hub might not have arrived in your area just yet. But local services, like those mentioned above by Charlie, may already be moving boxes of styrofoam goodness to your home. You might want to ask your local eating establishments if they are a part of any of these programs on a national, or local level, because apps like these are hitting critical mass in most of the larger cities in the U.S. and it sure is nice to have something else that delivers beyond pizza.

Last Word:

A cute family story set in the 80s makes a fun read this week.
Carl's Jr. And The Thing That Happened There

Episode 82 is a bit of a homecoming of sorts. The Gadget Guy returns to join the conversation about Google Home and Amazon Alexa. There might even be a little talk about the one-year anniversary of Narrator on Xbox One. Until then, have a great week everyone!

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Joe Steinkamp is no stranger to the world of technology, having been a user of video magnification and blindness related electronic devices since 1979. Joe has worked in radio, retail management and Vocational Rehabilitation for blind and low vision individuals in Texas. He has been writing about the A.T. Industry for 15 years and podcasting about it for almost a decade.

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