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Blind Bargains Qast 97: Scurry Home Narrator

The Easter Bunny may have taken all his candy with him last weekend. However, he did leave behind some gems in all that fake grass that seems to never come out of the carpet no matter how many times you roll a vacuum over the blasted stuff. J.J. continues his typing lessons with David Pinto, Joe compares prices with his fave kitchen scanning device and we have Steven Clower on hand for a mac related tip. All of that plus the "Sound Off" and "Last Word" in one more episode that moves us ever closer to the triple digit mark.

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In The News:

Getting Creative With Braille On Windows: a Look At Beta Braille Support With the Windows 10 Update

APH Brings Talking Typer and Hurry Scurry Game to iOS

ZoomText Now Speaks in Four New Languages with Free 11.3 Update

I.D. Mate North American Database moves to version 6.3.0 for Galaxy, Quest and Omni.
Brings along improved information for Home Depot, Walmart and some regional grocery stores.

ATIA 2018 Call for Presentations Now Open

AFB CSUN Coverage From Some Familiar Voices In The April 2017 Issue

One Box to Read it All: Solutions Radio Promoting the Webbox3

Preorder Vaux, The Speaker That Turns Your Echo Dot in to a Portable Battery Powered Device

Interview: TypeAbility with David Pinto Part 2

David Pinto, from YesAccessible. , is back to see if J.J. truly knows his number row from his home row. Hear the second portion of our TypeAbility demo recorded from the CTEBVI event in San Francisco. If you know someone who needs to brush up on their typing, or if you are that person who needs to brush up on their typing, be sure to check out this program.

Demonstration: I.D. Mate Galaxy's New price check feature

In March, as you may have heard from CSUN, the I.D. Mate Galaxy gained a new Price check feature. This new mode allows you to scan a product and compare prices from retailers like Amazon, Jet and Walmart. Joe gives us a brief look at how the feature works in this demo without scanning anything too fattening.


Steven Clower drops in to show us how to quickly copy text from the Mac's terminal to the clipboard.

Sound Off:

Feedback this week comes from listener emails. First up, a request from Randee.

"Hi BB cast,
As always love the show. Just writing in because I d like to see a demo of the air fryer. I won t have a deep fryer in my apartment because of the smell and cleanup. Also, don t want the greesy food.
Thanks for continuing to demo and talk about the many different food items out there."

Oh, we are so about the food here at BBQ. Did we mention those pancakes from San Diego? Mmmm.... California pancakes. Ahem, next email is from Beth.

"Hey, guys, enjoying the podcast and just had to respond to one point: I agree, I hate I.E. with a passion but I only am using Serotek's SA and Sero products and Firefox and Chrome do not work with Serotek products. We have asked for compatibility but so far no go."

Tune in to hear J.J.'s thoughts on this and Joe's remarks about Beth's other email sent along to us this week. Kenny writes in to talk about Windows.

"Hi I listened to episode 96 of the blindbargains podcast, and I loved the windows 10 cleanup tip. I used the update assistant to upgrade to the anniversary update last summer and forgot to run the disk cleanup tool to get rid of the previous installation that windows love to leave behind after an upgrade."

Ron was looking for some clarification from comments made during the Passport story last week.

"Hi Joe. You had mentioned on air that there are some debit and or credit cards that have the numbers in Braille. Is that correct? If so, which companies and how is it being done? I have the corner clipped off on my visa debit card so I can tell the differences between my credit and debit cards. But it sure would be nice to have access to the numbers on the cards if they were brailled. Would love to ship some info on how it is done to my bank which is northwest. Many Thanks."

Sadly, Ron, it really depends on the size and location of the entity you are working with and their level of commitment to access. A smaller local bank may not be aware of ways they could make the banking process easier. And there are some banks out and about, like wells Fargo, who go pretty far in their approach to access. The best advice we could give on the show was to investigate your specific area and inquire about services they provide. And if there aren't any, you could ask about working with someone so you could label information with assistance from that branch office.

Staying on the Braille topic, here is Stanley with a story about gift cards.

"Your discussion of braille on gift cards reminds me of something joyous that happened to me. When I went down to the Bay Area to visit with some longtime friends I was given a gift card from starbucks. It had some nice braille on it. I often use that card to show others what braille looks like. It is so cool to have braille appear on gift cards and other places."

Last Word:

I work from home

Weird Kickstarter Campaigns Successfully Funded

Next week, despite Joe trying to rush us toward 100, it's podcast 98, not 99. So time for those 98 Degrees references? Thanks for coming along for the ride, it's Because of You that we're able to do this podcast. And don't be the Invisible Man, keep those Emails, tweets, and comments coming because We Do, Cherish You.

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Joe Steinkamp is no stranger to the world of technology, having been a user of video magnification and blindness related electronic devices since 1979. Joe has worked in radio, retail management and Vocational Rehabilitation for blind and low vision individuals in Texas. He has been writing about the A.T. Industry for 15 years and podcasting about it for almost a decade.

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